Games we played as kids that will make readers emotional

Games we played when we were little

We constantly see generational differences before us. As much as we are called X, Y, and Z generations, we have many differences. At the beginning of this comes the games we play. Those born in the 80’s and 90’s are known as the last generation of street players and they grew up playing the games listed below. In this content we have collected for you the games we used to play when we were kids or our fathers.

Here are the old games we used to play as kids that will make readers emotional;

1. Five Stones

Five round tiles are required for a multiplayer game. Since the game is played with five pieces, it is played in five phases.

These are the phases:

  • Ones: Bricks are placed on the ground and a brick is selected. The selected stone is thrown into the air. Each time a stone is thrown into the air, a stone is picked up from the ground and the stone thrown into the air is caught. The process continues until the stone has disappeared on the ground.
  • Two: The stones remain on the ground. Unlike the first game, this time the pieces are collected in pairs.
  • Threes: Stones are thrown on the ground, one of the stones is treated as a single. The other three are tried to be taken all at once.
  • Fours: A suitable piece of stone is thrown into the air. The remaining four stones on the ground are tried to be taken at once.
  • Dedes: Stones are thrown on the ground. One tries to give the image of a castle by opening it between thumb and forefinger. The player takes a suitable piece from the ground. The opponent chooses the stone that goes through the last finger. This stone is the stone that prevents other stones from being passed between the fingers. The player throws the stone they are holding into the air. As he throws it into the air, he tries to pass the stone on the ground through the castle. If he hits another piece or does not cover the thrown piece, he gives his right to the opponent. In the last part, all stones are thrown slightly upwards in the palm and an attempt is made to hold the stones with the back of the palm. The player with the most stones on the back of his hand wins the game.

2. One is One

Games we played as kids

There is no limit of people to play this game. At the start of the game, a midwife is chosen. The midwife bends over and puts her hands on her knees. Others form rows a few feet apart. The players take turns running and jumping over the bent midwife by pressing their hands behind their backs and spreading their legs.

3. Skipping rope

Games we played as kids

This game is played with 1 person or 3 people. 2 people out of 3 people hold the rope. The other is horses. For 1 person, one end of the rope is jumped with the right hand and the other end with the left hand. If the game is to be played with 2 people, the game can be played by attaching one end of the rope to any object.

4. Marble

Games we played as kids

The marbles are lined up next to each other. The game starts when the first person to shoot the right head or the left head answers which main question. Whoever hit got as many marbles as he hit. Whichever head is named gets all the marbles that hit that head.

Were you also such a fan of bone marbles? Or were you one of those who used to be cunning with the small marble while hitting the target with the big marble?

5. Quit

Games we played as kids

At the stop, the players form a circle. To start the game, one of the players becomes a midwife. The midwife throws the ball in the air and says the name of one of the players. If the named player catches the ball in the air as the ball falls to the ground, he or she throws the ball back into the air by saying someone else’s name. The player who couldn’t keep the ball in the air shouted “Stop!” he shouts.
The escaped players must stop where they are when “Stop” is called. In this case, the midwife tries to hit one of the standing players with the ball. Who knows, another name is the Cup…

6. Blindfolds

Games we played as kids

The player’s eyes, called Körebe, are tied with a material such as a handkerchief or scarf, and the midwife can no longer look around. Other players move around the blindfold and touch it. The blind man tries to catch them. If he catches a blind man, he becomes a midwife.

7. Grab the chair

Games we played as kids

Several chairs are arranged next to each other. The number of seats is one less than the number of players. The players start dancing to each musical accompaniment and when the music stops, everyone tries to grab a seat. The survivor is out of the game and a chair is taken away every now and then. So the last remaining game wins.

Were you one of those who complained and played this game, which is played with boys and girls in television programs, nearby?

8. Handkerchief Grabber

Games we played as kids

In the game played between two teams with an equal number of players, the teams line up against each other. A line is drawn in the middle of the field in the middle of the two rows and an umpire is chosen to officiate the game. This referee can also hold the handkerchief by stopping at this line. The referee announces the names of the players among themselves. The players try to take the handkerchief from the referee’s hand.

9. Hide and seek

Games we played as kids

Hide and seek is played with a minimum of 4 people. A midwife counts against a wall by turning her face away. The midwife counts from the outside to a minimum of 50. Meanwhile, other players hide in different or the same places until the midwife counts. When the midwife has finished counting from the outside, the game begins. The midwife tries to find other hidden players. When the other players see that the midwife has left the place where he is, they say sobe to the place where the midwife counts.

Were you one of those who were the purest midwife in the neighborhood and fled home en masse when it got dark?

10. Skip

Games we played as kids

Hopscotch is played by drawing and numbering consecutive squares or circles with chalk on the floor. In the game played with more than one person, the players take turns throwing stones into the drawn areas. If the stone falls outside the drawn areas or touches the line, it is the other player’s turn to throw the stone. If the throw is successful, the player must bounce the rock through all the openings by pushing it with the other foot, while bouncing on one foot. If the other foot touches the ground or steps on the lines between the spaces, it will burn and lose its turn.

11. Long Donkey

Games we played as kids

In the long ass game, after the players are divided into two groups, it is decided which group will lie down and which group will jump. The set for sleeping is placed in front of the pillow. The first player bends over and rests their head on the pillow, and those behind them bow by holding the previous player’s legs. The other group jumps on and counts to 10. If the group does not collapse, the game is considered successful.

Were you one of those who played this game in school and took it out when the teacher on duty came?

12. I sell oil

Games we played as kids

In the game I sell oil, a midwife is first determined. Players sit in a circle facing each other on the floor. The midwife knots the end of a handkerchief and takes it in her hand. He starts walking around the ring, hiding it behind him. He sings “I Sell Oil” as he goes around the ring. The midwife leaves the handkerchief unnoticed with her chosen one. Realizing that the handkerchief has been left behind, the player begins to chase the midwife.

13. Dodgeball

Games we played as kids

In the game played as a team game, there is a team that throws the ball and a team that runs away from the ball. The aim of the game is to hit the other opponent’s people with the ball.

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