Genetic risk group in breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. In studies in the US, breast cancer is seen in an average of one in seven women. The most important thing in breast cancer is to diagnose and treat it at an early stage. Symptoms can be noticed in the later stages of the disease, but their treatment becomes more difficult. General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Şükrü Çolak stated that for early diagnosis, regular checkups should be performed every year, especially after the age of 40. associate states that if the person belongs to the genetic risk group, checkups should not be neglected at a young age. Dr. Şükrü Çolak said: “An ultrasound should be done every year. A mammogram should be added to the ultrasound every two years. In this way, regular checks must be carried out,” he said.

Genetic risk group

It is important to have a regular breast check every month. Dr Şükrü Çolak said: “Women can check their right breast first and then their left breast by standing in front of a full-length mirror and raising their arms, from top to bottom. If they notice a change, they should see a doctor as soon as possible,” he said.

Every woman should know her own breast tissue.

Olive Oil Recommendation

Another important factor in breast cancer, of which genetic factors are the most important, is diet. associate Dr. Şükrü Çolak said: “There are some findings in the studies that olive oil consumption reduces the number of breast cancers. In addition, environmental factors are also effective in the development of breast cancer. It has been observed that the rate of breast cancer increases in the migrated area with the immigrating of the one place to another.

Geographical changes

associate Dr Çolak said: “It is argued that geographical changes are a risk factor for breast cancer. In addition, having breast cancer in the family, especially on the mother’s side, is a risk factor for breast cancer. Therefore, we can perform different tests. With the genetic testing that we use today, we can reveal how much of a risk group a person is in breast cancer and also plan the patient’s breast cancer treatment.”

Age of seeing

While the risk of being seen generally increases after age 40, the incidence of breast cancer increases at a younger age due to genetic factors. Çolak said: “That’s why we recommend early breast checks, especially for people with a family history of breast cancer. Under normal circumstances, we recommend breast checks after the age of 40, but if there is a risk factor, it can be moved to an earlier age.

Cancer diagnosis

olak, stating that if a mass is found during the exams, they do some exams for the mass, Çolak said: “First we apply ultrasound and mammography. If we see a suspicious situation, we can request breast MRI if needed according to the patient’s age. When breast MRI raises the suspicion of cancer, we perform a breast biopsy on that patient. Because cancer is not a disease diagnosed by imaging. Imaging only raises the suspicion of cancer. The definitive diagnosis of cancer is a biopsy. After the diagnosis of cancer in the breast biopsy, we make a treatment plan for the patient. “After looking at the size of the mass in the breast, whether it has spread to the armpit or to the bone, we perform the appropriate treatment,” he said.


olak stated that if it is an early stage breast cancer, they will clear up the cancer with the surgeon, Çolak said: “If it is an advanced stage breast cancer, we apply chemotherapy or radiotherapy first and then surgical treatment. has everything to do with the stage we get the cancer in. We apply the treatment individually according to the stages.

After breast cancer has been diagnosed and the patient’s surgery has been performed, the removed parts are taken for pathological examination. After the pathological examination is performed, drug treatment can be carried out based on the presence and absence of hormone receptors. Smart drug therapy is very effective and a very useful method for cancer recurrence.

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