Give more weight to water consumption in hot weather

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality warns citizens about changing food habits depending on temperature. In this context, dietician Müge Kinaş, who works at the Women’s Health Counseling Center affiliated with the Ministry of Health, gave information about the diet that changes depending on the weather temperatures. Müge Kinaş, who stated that body fluid began to decrease with increasing air temperatures and that more emphasis should be placed on water consumption, said: “To increase water consumption, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices and drinks such as ayran can be used. preferably next to water. In this process, we should turn to light foods, fruits and vegetables and stay away from too fatty meals.

Kinaş noted that it is right to use healthier methods in cooking techniques and said, “By frying less, we can give more space to cooking, grilling and baking. Light meals should be taken with meals. People with sugar problems in particular should stay away from foods that raise their sugar levels all at once.

“The daily portion of fruit and vegetables that must be taken is 5 in total”

Kinaş noted that the daily portion of fruits and vegetables to be consumed is 5 in total and said, “We should consume two portions of vegetables, three portions of fruits or three portions of vegetables and two portions of fruits. In the summer season there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables. However, it is necessary to be monitored while consuming them. Especially when consuming fruits like melon and watermelon, which are high in moisture but also high in sugar, we need to adjust the portions to be more measured. 2-3 slices of triangular melon or watermelon, the size of a palm, make up a serving of fruit. That’s why you have to be a little more careful when consuming these fruits.”

Kinaş stated that there is no special time to do sports and that it is right to do sports when one feels good. “Citizens who want to participate in sports should pay attention to a few exceptions. He concluded by saying, “You should not exercise at noon when the sun is at a right angle, and our citizens, especially those with blood pressure problems or the elderly, should go out in a more sheltered way during these times to go. o’clock.”

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