‘Gluten-free diet harms intestinal health’

Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Gastroenterology Lecturer Prof. dr. Dr. Tarkan Karakan drew attention to the harmful effects of a gluten-free diet, which has become a popular approach in recent years, in the field of health. Karakan explained that this approach started as a “fashion” and has been shown to be the cause of many unrelated ailments such as depression, diabetes and rheumatism, stressing that there was no scientific evidence to support these views.


Karakan shared the following information: “Gluten-free food has a very bad effect on the intestinal flora, or intestinal bacteria. Because people cut out many grains such as bread from their diet when they are fed gluten-free. This place is usually not healthy. As a result, both the intestinal flora and the permeability. A gluten-free diet can sometimes lead to more serious diseases, even diabetes. Of course, this does not apply to celiac patients who must receive gluten-free. If celiac patients are fed gluten-free, their intestinal flora is healthier, but for a healthy person it is harmful to this diet The difference is very important. We certainly do not recommend a gluten-free diet to healthy people.”


Prof. Dr. Noting that reducing the consumption of milk and dairy products has recently been seen as a “healthy” approach, Karakan said: “Removing milk and dairy products from the diet can be considered very beneficial. Milk and dairy products are However gold in terms of preventing osteoporosis Yogurt, Consumption of milk and cheese increases the beneficial bacteria called lactic acid in our intestines.


Karakan stated that the continuous use of dietary supplements has no effect on extending life expectancy and this has been shown in studies conducted in the US, continuing: “It is very important to use fish and olive oil once a week. We must pay attention to what we eat, but we should not become obsessed with it. Diet, especially that applied to disease, is a very sensitive issue, and an expert’s opinion should be sought on this issue.” Prof. Dr. Karakan recommended consuming a bowl of yogurt every day and avoiding packaged foods with a long shelf life as much as possible.

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