Goodhome Takoma Portable Air Conditioner Features and Reviews

Goodhome Takoma, which you can use at home, in the office, at the workplace or wherever you want, has the feature that it is easy to transport thanks to its four wheels. This portable air conditioner, which provides effective cooling in summer and warm air in winter, is one of the best portable air conditioners with its 4 different functions. This device, which is convenient to use thanks to the remote control, can be used comfortably in rooms of 26 square meters. This portable air conditioner, which is very easy to use, can operate up to 16 degrees on the lowest setting and 32 degrees on the highest setting.

Goodhome Takoma attracts attention with all these features and attracts the attention of many people as it is one of the best portable air conditioners. For this reason, our content contains all the information from Goodhome Takoma’s features to user comments.

Technical specifications Goodhome Takoma

Cooling capacity 12000 BTU
Heating capacity 12000 BTU
Engine power 32500W
Volume 65dB
Minimum operating temperature 16C
Maximum operating temperature 32C
Airflow capacity 7.67 m³/min
Domain 26 m2

Review of Goodhome Takoma portable air conditioner

Thanks to its ergonomic design, Goodhome Takoma can be easily carried anywhere, suitable for home or office use. This product with cooling, heating, dehumidification and ventilation functions provides a suitable environment at night with its night mode. This portable air conditioner, which has an integrated thermostat, offers comfortable use thanks to its easy-to-understand LED display. With an airflow of 7.67 m3 per minute, Goodhome Takoma offers a temperature of 32 °C at the highest point and 16 °C at the lowest point. This portable air conditioner, which makes the environment freezing in a short time when used in rooms with a size of 26 m2, consumes less energy compared to its performance with its Class A energy.

Goodhome Takoma portable air conditioner design

Goodhome Takoma portable air conditioner

With its stylish design, Goodhome Takoma offers the possibility to be easily transported to the desired location thanks to its 4 wheels. This product, which can easily adapt to any place thanks to its white color, offers the possibility of holding it while carrying it thanks to its side handles. This product, which has a very simple and elegant screen, offers the possibility to make practical adjustments with its touch buttons. Goodhome Takoma, which is easy to use thanks to the icons on the LED screen, helps to give instructions without getting up with its mini remote control. In addition, this product, which has a neat appearance with the space where you can store the remote controller when you are not working with the remote controller, has manual air outlet panels. Finally, this product, which looks a bit ugly with the air pipe to be used with the cooling function, can be used on the windowsill.

Goodhome Takoma Portable Air Conditioner Performance

Goodhome Takoma portable air conditioner

Goodhome Takoma, which gets full marks from its users with its powerful performance, offers a spacious environment in summer thanks to its high cooling capacity. This product, which provides cold air with a capacity of 1200 BTU, provides warm air with a capacity of 12000 BTU in winter. Goodhome Takoma has the highest temperature setting of 32 °C and the lowest temperature setting is 16 °C. This product, which has 4 different functions such as ventilation, dehumidification, hot and cold, operates at 65 dB noise level and is appreciated for its performance, even if it makes an annoying noise. This portable air conditioner, which provides an even airflow to the entire room, operates at 3500 watts. The product, which also has a sleep mode, helps you to have a comfortable sleeping experience by providing the necessary environment at night.

Goodhome Takoma Portable Air Conditioner Energy Consumption and Impact Area

Goodhome Takoma, with energy class A, works at 3500 watts. Consuming up to 3.5 kW in cooling mode and 2.8 kW in heating mode, this portable air conditioner will make you smile on the electricity bill.

Goodhome Takoma, suitable for home or office, has a maximum surface area of ​​26 m2. This portable air conditioner, which cools small and medium-sized rooms in a short time, is appreciated by its users.

Goodhome Takoma Filter Features

Goodhome Takoma portable air conditioner

Goodhome Takoma, which provides a healthy environment by attracting dust and pollen with its air filter, pleases its users as it eliminates allergens. The two filter sections located just behind the air conditioner can be easily opened and cleaned. Goodhome Takoma, which provides both healthy air and does not compromise on performance with regular cleaning, can be used for many years without any problems.

Goodhome Takoma User Reviews

👤 When the fan and compressor are working, the noise is high, it can be disturbing and the air direction is manual. C*** K****

👤 The product provides good cooling, but the sound is too loud. G**** B***

👤 While looking for a portable air conditioner, I came across it, I liked the look and features, I bought it and we are happy for now. S**** A*****

👤 There is also the noise problem usually found in every portable air conditioner, so if you are going to buy a portable air conditioner, forget about the silence and focus on the cold. When I come to the product, the product is beautiful. F****M****

👤 It’s been a few months, we haven’t had any problems for now, everything is beautiful. S*** N****

👤 I saw it last summer at my friend’s house, I liked it, I bought it because it attracted me with the price, but I waited for summer, we have been using it for a week, I recommend it. TO GO****

👤 Yes, the device is loud, but it is a bit quieter in night mode, if you are not obsessed with noise and sleepy, you can sleep comfortably. F*** U****

👤 It was very easy to install, there is no need to call service etc. only the trachea creates an ugly appearance, but if you are going to buy a portable air conditioner, you cannot ignore it. N***** N****

👤 The product can be purchased with good quality. NASTY****

👤 I chose to use it in my summer cottage. The performance it offers is really good for the price. Thank you. YES****

👤 I was wondering if it would get damaged during shipping, but it arrived with no issues, thank you. By the way, the product is very nice. E***** B****

How many square meters can the Goodhome Takoma portable air conditioner cool?

Goodhome Takoma effectively cools an area of ​​26 m2 in a short time. It can effectively cool small to medium-sized rooms or workspaces in general.

How to maintain Goodhome portable air conditioner?

You should perform maintenance by referring to the information in the user manual of the Goodhome portable air conditioner. By regularly cleaning the filters and emptying the filled water tank at the times specified in the Goodhome user manual, you can use your air conditioner for longer.

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