Google introduces new features of artificial intelligence chatbot Bard – Breaking News

While promoting the company’s new products and services, especially artificial intelligence, Google announced its updates to the chatbot Bard.

During the “Google I/O”, the developer event it hosts each year, Google shared its new technologies and developments related to its work in artificial intelligence, which will strengthen its position in the approximately 300 billion search engine advertising market. dollars.

Among the products and services introduced at the event, stand out new products and services such as the new PaLM 2 master language model for artificial intelligence, new artificial intelligence writing tools for Gmail, Pixel 7a Android phone, Pixel Tablet and the Pixel Fold $1799 folding phone, while the artificial intelligence chatbot Bard added to it also introduces features.

The company’s statement stated that about 2 months have passed since the launch of Bard, and mentioned that a lot of feedback had been received for the artificial intelligence service, which was first made available in the US and UK.

Bard has recently migrated to a more capable language model, PaLM 2, which enables many of the recent improvements, including improved math and reasoning skills and coding capabilities.

The statement emphasized that the momentum gained in 2 months was just the beginning, and provided information about the updates related to Bard.

The statement stated that as additional improvements and new features are offered, the aim is to reach more people to try Bard and share their feedback, and in this context the waiting list has been removed.

The statement said that Bard has expanded to more than 180 countries and regions, the artificial intelligence service now supports Japanese and Korean and is on its way to supporting 40 languages ​​soon.


The statement, which states that Bard will soon become more visual, noted that in addition to the answer text, users will also be able to get visual responses about what they want to discover.

The statement said that users can also make requests with both images and text, and the capabilities of Google Lens will be used to achieve this.

The statement, which also mentioned the coding updates made in accordance with Bard’s developer notifications, explained innovations such as source citations, dark theme, and “export” button.

The statement pointed out that Google applications and services such as Bard’s Docs, Drive, Gmail and Maps may be integrated and emphasized that privacy settings will be under user control when using these tools.

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