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According to The New York Times news, which is based on sources close to the subject, the artificial intelligence technology developed to help journalists was presented to the executives of News Corp, which owns The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, one of the leading newspapers in the US.

It has been claimed that the technology Google calls “Genesis” can prepare news texts based on any data, including current events, given to it.

Google believes this technology, designed to act as a “personal assistant” for journalists, will save journalists time for more important news.


Some executives who attended the presentation in question found Genesis “disturbing” and stated that “some of the important points for writing accurate news were overlooked”.

“Genesis is not intended to replace the vital role journalists play in writing and verifying stories,” Google spokesperson Jenn Crider said in a statement. made his decision.

Professor at City University of New York. Jeff Jarvis noted that Google’s new technology has potential pros and cons: “If this technology can reliably present factual information, journalists should use it.” used the phrase.

Jarvis pointed out that some news journalists and news organizations need a nuanced and cultural understanding, pointing out that using this technology could damage the credibility of news organizations.


News organizations around the world are debating the use of artificial intelligence technologies in their newsrooms.

Some organizations, including The Times, NPR radio and Insider, have announced plans to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence “to see how it can be applied responsibly in the world of news where seconds and accuracy are paramount.”

While the Associated Press (AP) has long used artificial intelligence to report on topics such as corporate reports, the agency also announced it would be sharing its news archive with artificial intelligence model Chat GPT.

On the other hand, news organizations such as NBC News and The Times reacted to artificial intelligence capturing their data without permission.

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