Grows along the road, prevents cancer

One of the local flavors of Sivas and which grows spontaneously in nature, the çımak plant showed itself with the arrival of spring. In May and June, the harvest of the wild grass has also started, which is selected one by one. The madımak plant, whose benefits do not stop counting, is one of the indispensable things of the people of Sivas. Dietician Süheyla Subaşı Uçar stated that as a result of research, the Madımak plant has a reducing effect on the vitality of breast cancer cells and is an important plant for healthy nutrition.

“Research needs to be expanded”

Dietician Süheyla Subaşı Uçar said research on local plants should increase, saying: “There are about 9,000 plants that come from Anatolia and about 3,000 of these plants that come from themselves are in our country. Madımak is one of the roadside plants, especially in the field, in Sivas region. It is a plant that is collected by everyone in May and June, and women in particular collect it enthusiastically. A study of this plant has been conducted by academics from Sivas Cumhuriyet University to see if the çımak plant is beneficial for cancer. A viability-lowering effect was found in breast cancer cell lines. Much research in this style is needed. It is necessary to do more research on these plants, which we consider local, especially whose names we know. Apart from that, it is also very important in a healthy diet. It is very valuable to us, especially in Anatolian regions like Sivas, where we are far from vegetables. Bulgur soup can be made into soups and consumed hot in winter. At the same time, yogurt soup may be preferred in summer.”

“Portion size matters”

Emphasizing the importance of portion size in madımak meals, Uçar said that it can have a negative effect if consumed in excess, saying, “Does madımak plant have an antihypertensive effect? I think we Sivasians like to cook a little greasy food. Therefore, if you make too much meat or too much oil while making madima, it can naturally affect the person negatively because of the effect. Or the portion size is important, if you eat too much it can have the wrong effect. Madımak is actually a plant and cannot have a negative effect when consumed in a decision. We also use it with our blood pressure patients. In short, we can say yes to the question of whether Ms. has a place in a healthy diet, and the fact that cancer prevention research has been done is a positive benefit. At the same time, it is an option that we can take advantage of by storing it in the freezer in a healthy way during the season and later in order to increase your vegetable consumption.”

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