Grundig CG 6860 Features and Notes

If you are looking for a modern designed and versatile toaster with a large capacity, the Grundig CG 6860 toaster may be the ideal choice for you. In addition to the stylish design, in this content you will find all the details about the Grundig CG 6860, which stands out for its fast heating function.

Grundig CG 6860 Features

Plate Type To pour
cutting capacity 6
Cooking function There is
Height adjustment There is

Grundig CG 6860 toaster

While toasting seems like a simple process, it can be quite cumbersome without the right tools. Grundig CG 6860 Toaster comes into play as a product that will ease your toast making experience with its large capacity and innovative design. With its more durable plates and grill function, this machine can toast as well as prepare delicious grilled dishes.

Here are all the details about the Grundig CG 6860 toaster:

Grundig CG 6860 Design

The Grundig CG 6860 stands out for its modern and stylish design. The matte black outer surface provides a stylish look to your countertop while also being easy to use with features such as the concealed hinge type and latch. Thanks to these features, you can have a safer experience while using the machine and discover the safe way to make delicious toast.

Grundig CG 6860 Capacity

cutting capacity 6
Serrated grille 2 plates

Grundig CG 6860 toaster, with its large cooking surface with a capacity of 6 slices, offers your whole family the opportunity to prepare delicious toasts at the same time and saves you time. So you don’t have to do several rounds to toast. The grill function also manages to satisfy the users with even cooking.

Grundig CG 6860 Temperature setting

Grundig CG 6860

The Grundig CG 6860 toaster is supported by adjustable temperature controls. Thanks to this function, you can adjust the cooking temperature to your liking. This gives both your toast the desired consistency and the taste of your grilled dishes. The special coating called Quantcoat in the product increases the durability of the plates by preventing them from wearing out. They last up to 7 times longer than other toasters.

Grundig CG 6860 Technical specifications

  • Capacity for 6 slices
  • Grill function
  • Quantcoat plates
  • Easy to use with on/off button
  • lockable latch
  • Concealed hinge type
  • Modern and stylish design
  • compact dimensions

Advantages of Grundig CG 6860

One of the biggest advantages of the Grundig CG 6860 toaster is the large cooking surface. This way you can toast as well as prepare grill meals. In addition, it is very easy to clean the machine thanks to the use of bidirectional plates and removable plates. In addition, Quantcoat plates are up to 7 times more resistant to wear. In this way it is possible to use your toaster for a long time.

Grundig CG 6860

Disadvantages of Grundig CG 6860

The Grundig CG 6860 may be slightly more expensive than other toasters. Also, for some users, the temperature settings are not sensitive enough.

Grundig CG 6860 Dimension

Height 13.5cm
Width 34cm
Depth 39 cm

Grundig CG 6860; It is 39 cm deep, 34 cm wide and 13.5 cm high. These dimensions are designed to take up little space on your counter and are easy to store.

Grundig CG 6860 User Reviews

Grundig CG 6860

Here are the positive and negative comments from the Grundig CG 6860 users:

💬 I used to use a small Tefal toaster before but it broke so I bought it. It heats up faster than Tefal, the bread does not harden, it is soft and crispy toasted bread.

💬 I like the product. You can use it comfortably. The plates can be used on both sides. The back is flat and omelet type things can be made. I have not fully tested the toaster due to Ramadan but I have personally made the toast for my young children who do not fast during the day. If you make it on the highest setting, check it often because the machine is at the highest temperature and heats up quickly. I was generally satisfied.

💬 The outer surface has a beautiful matte texture. We tried the toaster, it heated up in about a minute. For us it was an advantage that it warmed up very quickly. And again, he made the toast very quickly and we ate a delicious toast.

💬 Finally, after a long search, I found what I was looking for. It has an on/off button, a heat setting, a double-sided plate, a very nice color, a very good heating and frying function. I don’t think I use it as a grill, so I can’t comment on it, but I think the meat cooks really well.

💬 I was very indecisive because of the high prices. I finally chose this product, it arrived yesterday, I tried it as soon as it arrived, I loved the color, design and performance. I would definitely recommend.

💬 I interpret it in terms of image, the size is very ideal, the grates are not fine granite. The color is already beautiful. It also has a semi-closing function. I would say definitely get it.

💬 I used it as soon as it arrived, we really liked it. He gives his right to the end. A very nice and handy product.

💬 The warm-up speed was fine. Making the toast very thin was my first criterion, but it wasn’t the thinness I expected. The difference with the toasters we used before is obvious. I think the grill would do well. It looks very stylish. After much thought, I decided to do this and I have not regretted it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to buy it.

💬 Practical to use, easy to wash, but the on / off button often leaves it off. The front control panel is not heat resistant. Both the power setting button and the on/off button failed twice.

💬 The product is beautiful in color and material quality. However, when you want to make toast with a bread other than toast bread, the toast becomes very thick.

Scoring and rating

The Grundig CG 6860 toaster makes toasting easier thanks to its large capacity, innovative design and adjustable temperature controls. It also helps you prepare different dishes with its grill function. Quantcoat plates make the machine more durable, while the use of bi-directional plates and removable plates makes cleaning easier. The only drawback is that it is a bit more expensive than other toasters. Our rating for this toaster is 7 out of 10, thanks to its high-quality ingredients and innovative features.

In this part of our content we answer frequently asked questions about the Grundig CG 6860 toaster. Here are frequently asked questions about the Grundig CG 6860:

What is the capacity of the Grundig CG 6860 toaster?

The Grundig CG 6860 toaster has large plates with a capacity of 6 slices. This way, you can prepare delicious toasts for your whole family at the same time.

Is it possible to set the temperature of the Grundig CG 6860?

Yes, it is possible to set the temperature on this toaster. You set the desired temperature level thanks to the thermostat knob on the product.

How to clean Grundig CG 6860?

Because the plates of the Grundig CG 6860 toaster are removable, it is very easy to clean. In addition, the outside of the machine can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Can Grundig CG 6860 plates be removed?

Yes, the Grundig CG 6860 toaster has removable plates. In this way, the plates are easy to clean and the cooking power can be increased.

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