Grundig GDH 92 reviews and features

Grundig GDH 92 dryer is one of the must-have choices of people who want to save time. Thanks to the high-quality materials and advanced technology, the machine, which makes your clothes last longer by taking maximum protection, also extends the life of your clothes to a great extent. In this way you contribute to the environment as well as to your budget.

Grundig GDH 92 Features

Capacity 9 kg
Energy class A++
Number of programs 16
Remote control No

Grundig GDH 92 Dryer

One of the biggest advantages of the Grundig GDH 92 dryer is its user-friendly, understandable interface and simple operating functions. In addition, it keeps the noise that arises during the drying of your laundry to a minimum and prevents disturbing noise in the house. However, thanks to its energy class A++, it manages to get full marks from its users in terms of functionality by minimizing energy consumption.

Here are all the details about the Grundig GDH 92 Dryer;

Grundig GDH 92 Design

The Grundig GDH 92 dryer offers environmentally friendly operation by saving energy with its state-of-the-art condensing heat pump system. Thanks to the Aquawave drum cartridge technology, it offers better protection for your laundry.

The LED panel of the device, which offers a modern and stylish look with its white color and black cover, also makes it very user-friendly. This makes it easier to get information about the drying process and make adjustments.

Grundig GDH 92 Capacity

Grundig GDH 92 dryer stands out for its drying capacity of 9 kilograms. Thanks to this high drying capacity, you can easily dry even your large laundry. You can also make your work easier with the ability to dry more than one load of laundry at a time.

Grundig GDH 92 Security

Water tank full indicator There is
Child lock There is
Immediate evacuation There is
Program tracking function There is

The water tank full indicator (LED) on the Grundig GDH 92 dryer helps you check whether the water tank is full. The machine, which also has the program tracking function, shows the stage of the program you selected, making it easier for you to monitor the process.

The filter cleaning warning also gives you a signal when the filter of the device needs to be cleaned. The machine, which puts safety first thanks to the direct drain function, helps you save time by avoiding having to drain the water.

The child lock function also makes using the device safer and prioritizes the safety of the little ones.

Grundig GDH 92 Size

Height 84.6cm
Width 59.7cm
Depth 65.4cm

The Grundig GDH 92 dryer is designed to be 65.4 cm deep, 59.7 cm wide and 84.6 cm high. This machine, which stands out for its functionality, manages to adapt easily to your home thanks to its light and compact structure. In addition, it offers a large drying capacity with the support of its ideal dimensions.

Grundig GDH 92 Technical specifications

  • 9 kg drying capacity
  • Program tracking function
  • Energy class A++
  • Handy LED panel
  • Modern and minimal design
  • Anti wrinkle
  • Safe use with child lock
  • 16 program options

Grundig GDH 92

Grundig GDH 92 Programs and Usage

Thanks to the heat pump technology in the Grundig GDH 92 dryer, the temperature in the drum is kept low, preventing discoloration of your clothes. This machine works with the heat pump drying technology and ensures that the air is reused and your laundry is dried by using less energy.

Thanks to the anti-crease function, if your laundry is left in the machine after the drying process is complete, it will prevent your laundry from creasing at certain intervals for 2 hours. This means you spend less time and energy ironing your clothes.

The machine, which ensures ease of use with 16 different program options, helps to dry your laundry carefully and use it without wearing out.

Grundig GDH 92

Grundig GDH 92 user reviews

👤 *** ***: This dryer is excellent. It works very quietly and my clothes dry wrinkle-free. I am very satisfied.

👤 *** ***: The dryer GDH 92 works very quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the 9 kg capacity, even my large laundry can be dried easily. I love it.

👤 *** ***: The anti-crease function at the end of the drying cycle is really great. It minimized my need for ironing.

👤 *** ***: The machine has 16 different program options and all of them are very useful. I especially liked the special programs for wool and delicate fabrics.

👤 *** ***: This machine is designed to save energy. This feature was very important to me and the GDH 92 met my expectations.

👤 *** ***: Water tank full warning light and filter cleaning alerts are very useful. Thanks to these properties, the service life of the machine is also extended. There is nothing to say about drying, I recommend it to everyone.

👤 *** ***: The machine drying process takes a little longer. It could have been faster. I wasn’t too pleased.

👤 *** ***: The features were subpar for the price, it could have been better equipped.

Editor’s Comments

Grundig GDH 92

It’s not hard to guess how your life will be easier with the Grundig GDH 92 dryer. Instead of hanging your clothes after washing, taking the time to dry them with this machine can also solve moisture problems caused by drying indoors.

In addition, thanks to the machine’s heat pump technology, it is possible to save energy. In addition to this technology, which prevents discoloration on your clothes by keeping the temperature in the drum low, you can ensure that all kinds of clothes are carefully dried with 16 different program options.

You can also minimize your ironing needs by activating the anti-crease function after the drying process is complete.

Finally, the parental lock and program end warning functions create an ideal use for you by prioritizing the safety of mimics.

If you want to make the drying process simple and effortless, the Grundig GDH 92 is a unique choice for you.

In this section we answer the questions about the Grundig GDH 92 dryer.

What kind of clothes is the Grundig GDH 92 dryer suitable for?

The Grundig GDH 92 offers 16 different program options that are suitable for different types of textiles, such as cotton, synthetic, wool, delicate, sports, silk, shoes and accessories.

What is the capacity of the Grundig GDH 92 drum?

The Grundig GDH 92 dryer has a drying capacity of 9 kilograms. This way you can easily dry your larger laundry.

How much energy does the Grundig GDH 92 consume?

The Grundig GDH 92 saves energy thanks to the heat pump drying technology. The machine, which has energy class A++, saves energy by minimizing energy consumption.

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