Grundig SJ 8650 Review: Features and Reviews

It is a well-known fact that fruit juices have many health benefits. However, when the right machine is not used, it can be said that many people find the juicing process laborious and time consuming. This is where the Grundig SJ 8650 juicer comes into play and is designed to solve these problems. This product is an ideal choice for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and prefer to keep their children and family away from drinks with additives. When you are ready, let’s see all the details about the Grundig SJ 8650 together in this content.

Grundig SJ 8650 Features

power 800W
Capacity 1200ml
Speed ​​adjustment There is
Anti-drip function There is
Security lock There is
Colour Gray

Grundig SJ 8650 Juicer

In addition to the dishwasher-safe parts, the Grundig SJ 8650 juicer has been given a very handy shape with its removable pulp container. Features like the filter cleaning brush also make it easy to use and clean. In addition, the safety lock and anti-drip function make cleaning very easy, while keeping you satisfied at the safe point of use.

Here are all the details about the Grundig SJ 8650 juicer:

Grundig SJ 8650 Technical specifications

  • 800 watts of power
  • Juice container of 1200 ml
  • Pulp container capacity of 1200 ml
  • Compact size
  • Anti-drip function
  • security lock
  • Filter cleaning brush
  • Plastic can material

Grundig SJ 8650 Capacity

Capacity 1200ml
Pulp hopper capacity 1200ml
power 800 watts

The Grundig SJ 8650 juicer has a high capacity juice chamber of 1200 ml. This way you squeeze more fruit in one go. At the same time, the 1200ml pulp container makes the juicing process more convenient. This saves you time and at the same time prevents you from being distracted by time-consuming activities such as crushing pulp or interrupting your work.

Grundig SJ 8650 design

Grundig SJ 8650

The Grundig SJ 8650 juicer has been chosen by many users due to its modern and stylish design. Due to the stylish appearance of the product, you can also use it as a decorative piece in your kitchen. At the same time, the plastic can significantly increases traceability thanks to its transparent structure. In addition, it manages to emphasize the safety of use with its safety lock. The brush, which facilitates cleaning the filter, also allows you to get rid of the time-consuming cleaning.

Grundig SJ 8650 Performance

Grundig SJ 8650

Grundig SJ 8650 juicer helps you prepare juice quickly with its powerful motor. In addition, with its silent operation, it offers an ideal use for people who prioritize silence. In addition, it brings the use to a versatile point with its double-sided rotating structure.

Grundig SJ 8650 Dimension

Height 47.5cm
Width 21.4cm
Depth 19 cm

Grundig SJ 8650 juicer; It has compact dimensions with a depth of 19 cm, a width of 21.4 cm and a height of 47.5 cm. Thanks to these dimensions, the product takes up little space and can be easily stored in your cupboards.

Grundig SJ 8650 Advantages

The Grundig SJ 8650 juicer will please you with its many advantages. It offers ease of use thanks to its dishwasher-safe parts. Removable pulp container and filter cleaning brush also help you save time by making cleaning easier. In addition, the safety lock and the anti-drip function of the product prove that the safety of the user is taken into account. In this way, the product offers a versatile use and becomes an ideal choice for you.

Grundig SJ 8650

Disadvantages of Grundig SJ 8650

The Grundig SJ 8650 juicer, as with other products, has some drawbacks. The product is slightly more expensive compared to other juicers. This means that it is not suitable for some users in terms of budget. Since the jug of the product is made of plastic, it may not last long. In addition, the relatively large portions of the product can complicate the storage process and may not be ideal for those with small kitchens.

Grundig SJ 8650 User Reviews

Grundig SJ 8650

Here are the positive and negative comments from those using the Grundig SJ 8650:

💬 The product gives very good juice with minimal waste. Good performance in hard fruits and vegetables. In orange juice, it first gives the juice from the pulp part, then the pulp starts coming out, so if you put the glass in the pulp part first, the orange juice will not be lost. In general, it is a product that I use regularly and I am satisfied. I am writing the review 1 year after purchasing the product, I recommend it.

💬 My wife wanted a bladeless juicer that doesn’t kill vitamins. I chose this because I am satisfied with the Grundig brand and have all the white goods in my house Grundig.

💬 We made a mixed cocktail with carrots and different fruits. Their mail came out effortlessly dry. 10 out of 10 for now

💬 Nice product. It is no problem to juice carrots and apples. Pomegranate was also confused, then he got better.

💬 The product brings out the beautiful fruit almost dry. It is also easy to clean. The product is beautiful and useful, we are very satisfied.

💬 We are very satisfied with the product, the quality of the pressing is good, it is a price performance product. Very good.

💬 It’s very nice, I’ve been using it for 1 year, I’m very satisfied. It’s very easy to use. Quiet. Easy to clean. The result is quite good.

💬 It’s hidden in long fiber fruits and vegetables. Such as parsley, celery stalk, grapefruit. However, it is very successful in carrots, beets and apples.

💬 It is very difficult to clean, it cannot squeeze out large amounts of product, it gets clogged.

💬 Excess pulp comes out, clogs quickly, I do not recommend.

Scoring and rating

The Grundig SJ 8650 juicer helps you take the first step towards a healthy life with its modern design and high performance. The product, which can rotate in two directions, has a design that satisfies its users in terms of safety. Although the size and price of this juicer are seen as a disadvantage by some users, the performance of the product brings the situation to an acceptable point. Considering all these features, the score we will give this product is an 8 out of 10.

In this section of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Grundig SJ 8650 juicer.

Which fruits can the Grundig SJ 8650 juicer juice?

The Grundig SJ 8650 juicer is designed to juice apples, carrots, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, beetroot, spinach and many other fruits and vegetables.

How long does the Grundig SJ 8650 juice?

The juicing process of the Grundig SJ 8650 juicer can vary depending on the type and amount of fruits and vegetables. But usually it’s ready in a few minutes.

Is there a Grundig SJ 8650 pulp container?

Yes, the Grundig SJ 8650 juicer comes with a removable pulp container. This chamber with a capacity of 1200 ml also ensures ease of use.

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