Hairens Turbo 3555 Review: Features and Reviews

Hair care has become an integral part of our daily routines. Hair dryer is one of the main tools used to dry hair quickly and easily as an important member of this routine. Known as the indispensable brand of hairdressing salons, Hairens pleases its users with the Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer, which offers even greater performance with its new design. For those who want to achieve a professional result at home, we have included all the details about this machine in this content.

Hairens Turbo 3555 Features

power 2500W
Speed ​​adjustment 2
Heat setting 2
Weight 680 gr

Hairens Turbo 3555 Hairdryer

Hairens Turbo 3555 allows you to complete the hair drying process in a short time with its affordable price and powerful motor. At the same time, the compact design of the product makes it easy to use and does not make your hand tired.

Here are all the details about the Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer:

Hairens Turbo 3555 Technical specifications

  • 2500 watt drying power
  • AC motor technology
  • vigo title
  • 2-stage speed control
  • 2 heat settings
  • Cold blow function
  • 680 gram weight
  • hanger bracket

Hairens Turbo 3555 Heat and speed adjustment

Heat setting 2
Speed ​​adjustment 2
power 2500W

Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer offers more control to its users with 2 speeds and 2 temperature settings. You can switch to high speed and heat settings to dry your hair quickly, or to lower settings to dry your hair more gently. The product, which also has a cold blow function, helps you fix your hair using cold air.

Hairens Turbo 3555 Design

Hair Turbo 3555

Thanks to its special design, the Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer is more comfortable and safe to use with its ergonomic handle and non-slip side elastics. Practical PVC hanging loop meets users’ requirements for storage convenience by hanging the machine. In addition, you can use the machine for a longer life thanks to the cleanable air filter by cleaning it regularly.

Hairens Turbo 3555 Heads

Default header An
Vigo head An

Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer comes with 2 air direction heads. With the help of these heads, it properly directs the airflow to your hair. The Vigo waving feature is also ideal for wavy hair styling.

Hairens Turbo 3555 Performance

Hair Turbo 3555

Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer offers a very powerful performance with its 2500 W power and 140 ºC blowing temperature. With a blowing speed of 80 km/h and an airflow/debit of 95 m3/h, you can dry your hair quickly. Thanks to the professional AC motor, it lasts a long time.

Hairens Turbo 3555 Benefits

The Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer has many advantages. First of all, thanks to the two-stage speed settings and two-stage heat settings, it offers a drying process that is adapted to your hair type. In addition, you can easily store the machine thanks to the practical PVC hanging loop. With the cold blow function you can style your hair faster.

Thanks to the professional cable of 3 meters in length, this hair dryer expands your area of ​​use. At the same time, the cleanable air filter makes maintenance of the machine very easy. The feature of overheating protection and the specially designed non-heating outdoor cabin greatly increase the comfort of use by keeping the safety of the users at the highest level.

Hairens Turbo 3555 Disadvantages

The only downside to the Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer is that it is not as quiet as some users would like. For this reason, it can be considered a machine that works with intense sound.

Hairens Turbo 3555 User Reviews

Hair Turbo 3555

Here are the positive and negative comments of those who use Hairens Turbo 3555:

💬 The outer coating, motor and cable of the product are not very beautiful and heavy. Those are the biggest positives I see. Two different heads and waves, and the delivery is pretty good for the price. The cable and suspension bracket are also of very good quality.

💬 The heat blowing performs the drying process very well and quickly, having two separate hair dryers is very well thought out so that it does not become aggravated when used.

💬 Very powerful and professional. It comes with two hair dryer heads and one Vigo. The long cable is an advantage for me. I advise.

💬 The accessories that come with the wireless are also nice and dry the hair very quickly, I recommend. I was satisfied.

💬 I waited a few months especially for the evaluation. I’m lucky to find one that delivers such strong heat for this price. Now I can dry my hair for a long time and in a short time. You can get it with peace of mind.

💬 Pretty good. 1st degree temperature is too much. His blow is powerful. Compatible with the standard Vigo head I bought elsewhere. The cable is long and soft, convenient.

💬 The product is really for the professional user. Mildly useful. The cable is 2 meters long and of good quality. 10 seconds on first boot. It smells like plastic and then it’s gone. When I first opened it, I turned it on and waited half an hour to try the product. No click. It worked non stop. The room warmed up so well.

💬 I have been using it for a year, no problems, I recommend it to everyone. So awesome. Hairdressers like those used. The cable is long enough for everything, by the way.

💬 I used it 4-5 times and even used it twice for 15 minutes continuously but that disgusting plastic smell did not go away. Poor quality product. Yield.

💬 The product is not very high quality, it can be a problem if it gets too hot. It also sounds like a vacuum cleaner. It was a bit of a shame.

Scoring and rating

Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer can be an excellent option for home use with its powerful performance, portable size and many benefits. With two-stage speed settings and two-stage heat settings, you dry appropriately for your hair type, and you can use it comfortably with its ergonomic design and non-slip side elastics. In addition, thanks to the practical hanging loop, the cleanable air filter and the protection against overheating, it is very easy to maintain and your safety is kept at the highest level.

In this part of our content we answer frequently asked questions about the Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer.

How to clean the Hairens Turbo 3555 hairdryer?

The air filter of the Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer can be easily removed and washed with water. The outer surface of the machine can also be wiped with a damp cloth. However, you should not try to clean the inside of the machine.

How much does the Hairens Turbo 3555 weigh?

Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer weighs only 680 grams. Therefore, it can be easily carried both at home and when travelling.

For which hair types is the Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer suitable?

The Hairens Turbo 3555 hair dryer offers a customizable drying experience for different hair types with features such as 2 speeds and 2 temperature settings. High speed and heat settings are ideal for thick, curly or dense hair, while low speed and heat settings are suitable for fine or brittle hair.

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