He went to get a medical report to get a job, learned he had cancer

Halit Ergin, a 23-year-old university student, who went to the hospital 4 years ago to get the routine health report needed to get a job, found out he had bone marrow cancer. After 4 years of drug treatment, Ergin clings to life after a marrow transplant from his sister. It was learned that Ergin, who had worked with his father in jobs where chemicals such as the automotive industry and gas stations were heavily used from an early age, contracted cancer as a result of intense exposure to carcinogens. It was learned that the young patient, who was diagnosed with myelofibrosis, which is usually seen in his 70s and is caused by bone marrow failure, was able to regain his health with an early diagnosis after routine checkups.

Providing Information on Bone Marrow Cancer, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Köroğlu drew attention to the importance of routine checkups and early diagnosis.

associate dr. Mustafa Köroğlu, ”Bone marrow diseases can come in different forms, such as leukemia, lymphoma, myelofibrosis. Our patient also had a disease called myelofibrosis, which appeared with bone marrow failure. In our patient, several factors were present that caused this situation. Our patient had been exposed to industrial carcinogens since childhood and this disease developed as a result. Incidentally, this situation has been established in screening tests. Our patient was initially treated with medication. As the disease progressed, a bone marrow transplant was performed. A successful transplant was performed. We are happy that our patient is returning to his daily life,” he said.

“If the disease was discovered late, it could have become leukemia”

Referring to the symptoms of bone marrow failure, Assoc. Dr. Köroğlu, ”Bone marrow failure in the body bruises, spleen enlargement, there are symptoms such as bleeding in the gums. Our patient had no symptoms. It was learned accidentally. In this case, we learned how important routine checks are. Our patient was in an early stage when he learned about his illness, so he was treated with medication for a few years. Then we had a bone marrow transplant. Had it been caught later, it could have developed with complications such as cerebral hemorrhage, internal bleeding, severe infection with a fatal outcome due to bone marrow failure, or could have turned into leukemia. The importance of early diagnosis has once again become apparent,” he said.

”We found the compatible stem cell in the patient’s older brother”

Provide information on the bone marrow transplant, Assoc. Dr. Köroğlu said: “As a bone marrow donor, we first applied the screening test to the siblings. Our patient also had two siblings and we found the compatible stem cell in his older brother. We performed a bone marrow transplant on our patient from his brother. If it didn’t match his brother, we’d have to look for bone marrow from the TÜRKÖK Bone Marrow Bank. In that case, the disease can progress further. Our patient recovered unnecessarily,” he said.

Halit Ergin, whose disease was diagnosed early and recovered after bone marrow transplantation, said: “I learned about my bone marrow failure disease when I received the health report requested by the workplace. My blood test showed that my white blood cells were high. I have worked in industry since I was a child. Here I was told that the disease was caused by exposure to substances such as paint and asbestos. When I applied to the hospital, I received drug treatment for 2 years. As the disease progressed, I underwent a bone marrow transplant. Bone marrow is made from my sister. I learned by chance at an early stage, the progression of my disease was noticed early,” he said.

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