Headaches are not the only symptom of migraines

Migraine, a neurological disease, is common in society. Migraines, which are more common in young people, are more common in women than in men. Migraine headaches are throbbing or sharp, especially in the temple area. Neurology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Hatice Köse Özlece said in the information she gave about migraines: “If you have more than 4 attacks per month after being diagnosed with migraines, be sure to see a doctor.”

It can also cause vision problems and numbness.

Claiming that migraines also affect men, Assoc argues. Dr Hatice Köse Özlece said: “Migraine is a disease that manifests with severe pain, and when migraine is mentioned in the first place, you think of a headache. But it is not just a headache. It is also a neurological disorder. the person are accompanied by symptoms such as vision problems in the eyes, flashes of light, sometimes dizziness and numbness in the hands and arms, before the pain Migraine is one of the diseases that seriously disrupt daily life and seriously affect daily life activities, especially since it is seen in young people. It usually presents with unilateral throbbing headache. Nausea, vomiting, can be affected by light and sound. We can group them under 2 main headings. Such as exotic migraine and chronic migraine, are off and then bees in exotic migraines.When treating such patients, we generally recommend effective analgesic treatments.


Hatice Köse Özlece stated that chronic migraines are slightly different from exotic migraines and said that chronic migraines can be called chronic migraine in patients who experience more than 4 attacks per month and said: “The situation that we call chronic migraine is a little different. We can speak of chronic migraine in patients who experience more than 4 attacks per month. The treatment of these patients is completely different. Effective treatments are needed to prevent the pain from becoming chronic. One of these effective treatments is oral drug treatments. Treatments that we in generally use regularly for 4-6 months. Botox treatment is one of the second and commonly used treatments. Again, we can use botox very effectively in migraine patients. Botox treatment applied by a neurologist in the right doses to the right areas usually delivers more than 90 percent success, but if not in effective places applied, if the dose is low and if it is done at any site by a specialist, the pain may become more chronic. We have to be careful in that regard,” he said.


zlece, who suggested that migraine sufferers should consult a doctor for effective treatment methods if they experience more than 4 attacks per month, continued: “We can easily control migraines by applying the method known as migraine vaccine in the recent It is one of the things I will most recommend and say to migraineurs, especially if you start having more than 4 attacks in a month after the diagnosis is clearly made, you should definitely see a neurologist urgently for a of these preventative treatments, otherwise the pain will start to become constant and as long as you take too many painkillers we will have serious problems.”

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