Healthy eating explained in Eid al-Adha

Participants in the Mother City Healthy Life Project received a seminar during Eid al-Adha on the issues to consider in healthy eating. The program, which was held at the Anne City Center Gelincik and Defne Facilities in Gebze, lasted approximately 2 hours. Emphasizing that a more pleasant and healthy holiday is achieved with careful nutrition, the dieticians stated that cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and kidney patients are at risk. It was stated that when healthy people do not eat carefully, they can be confused with health obstacles such as digestive problems, stomach bloating, pain, constipation, palpitations and high blood pressure.

“It is not good to consume meat immediately after cutting”

During the seminar, it was reminded that breakfast can be skipped due to the rush of sacrifice on the morning of the feast, and it was stated that breakfast is important for a healthy day. In the seminar: “Breakfast is usually accompanied by roasting. However, it is not right to consume the meat immediately after cutting. Due to the hardness of death, the meat is not tasty and soft enough during this time, it prolongs the cooking time . It can cause digestive problems. Therefore, meat is minimal. It should be kept for 24 hours and consumed later. You should leave meat consumption to other days and choose a healthy breakfast with foods such as eggs, cheese, cold vegetables, fresh vegetables , wholemeal bread on the first day. If you are going to consume meat on other days, cheese and cheese from the same food group is preferable. “You should not consume eggs. Again, you can consume your meat cold vegetables and wholemeal bread.”

How should sacrificial meat be stored?

The seminar also explained the tricks of preserving sacrificial meat. In this regard, he told the participants: “Preserving and preserving the slaughtered meat is very important for human health. Sacrificial meat should be cut into small pieces, such as minced meat, cubes, etc., not in the form of large pieces. , but must be wrapped in cooling bags or baking paper and kept in the freezer section of the refrigerator or in the freezer Meat can be stored in the refrigerator at -2 degrees Celsius for 1-2 weeks and in the freezer at -18 degrees Celsius for 3-6 months Thawing meat after freezing creates a breeding ground for some “microorganisms.” Heating used for rapid thawing of meat, stove-top thawing, room “Methods such as keeping it at room temperature have dangerous effects on human health. It should be thawed in the lower compartment of the refrigerator. Defrosted meat should be cooked immediately and not re-frozen.”

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