Healthy teeth are important for the health of the body

The 16th ACBİD International Maxillofacial Surgery Congress will be held between May 10 and 14 in Serik district of Antalya, Belek tourist region. At the conference, which was attended by many national and international participants, developments in oral, facial and maxillofacial surgery were discussed. Sharing information about the conference, Prof. Dr. Selçuk Basa stated that this year there was significant participation from home and abroad and valuable speakers participated.

At the conference, presentations will be given on all branches of maxillofacial surgery.

prof. Dr. Basa: “At the congress, practical presentations will be given on all branches of maxillofacial surgery, such as impacted dental surgery, major and serious jaw and facial injuries, malformations and treatments for congenital disorders. Because experienced surgeons and young colleagues and assistants come to our congress. We draw up programs with this in mind. We enable our young surgeons to give presentations here and pass them on to other colleagues. This motivates them. Just as all professions evolve, the branch of Oral, Maxillofacial and Facial Surgery, an important branch of dentistry, is changing greatly both in terms of practicality and ease of technique. We share them at this conference. Everyone shares their own experience,” he said.

“Dental health is very important for the health of the body”

Pointing out that the most up-to-date information was shared at the conference, Basa said: “Our young colleagues have the chance to meet highly experienced teachers from home and abroad. They can ask their questions. As in all medical branches, there are very important developments in maxillofacial surgery. Especially my colleagues who are dental surgeons in our country contribute a lot to this. The development of technology is also very beneficial to us. Our faculty members and academics are making important discoveries. They contribute to these developments.” Prof. Dr. Basa also underlined that dentistry is a very important branch of maxillofacial surgery and emphasized the importance of healthy teeth for the health of the body. Basa said: “Diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues can lead to other systemic diseases in the body. On the contrary, systemic diseases in the body can also affect our treatments. Especially when surgical applications have to be performed, it is necessary to fully explore the In patients with diabetes and heart problems, applications are made by taking precautions, for example, if he has diabetes, checkups should be done and after that, he said.

“Artificial intelligence has been used in our industry for a long time”

Prof. Dr. Basa underlined: “In the past 10 years we have encountered more and more new ailments. I’m talking about complications related to drug use. I would like to highlight one of the most important, it has become known now, but it needs to be emphasized again. In particular, some medications used for osteoporosis or some cancer medications can cause problems in the jawbones. We want to control this when a surgical procedure is performed on a patient taking this drug. Because it causes a very serious bone marrow inflammation in the bone and becomes more difficult. This topic is one of the important topics we discussed at our convention. Since we work on the face, aesthetics are very important. Actually, we do not do plastic surgery, but the applications we do have aesthetic results. There are also very important developments in this area. There are major developments in surgical applications, especially in jaw defects, in facial defects caused by congenital or later injuries. We want to make changes to the face and skeleton in the surgeries we plan. We try to see and simulate this in a virtual environment on the computer. This increases the chance of success. It enables us to achieve better results. Artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days. This artificial intelligence is something that has been used in our industry for a long time. The data of treated patients is piling up. This allows us to better predict results in computer programs.”

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