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“Our client, who came here primarily internist Dr. After being examined by Mr. Hasan Levent; It is examined whether there is a metabolic disorder, diabetes, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease and whether these influence weight gain. After that, the person’s body analysis is made, the fat and muscle ratios are noted, and the most suitable fat-burning diet is created by taking body measurements at the same time.

“Acupuncture supports both healthy weight loss and regular nutrition”

Dr. Dr. Tünerir said: “The doctor collects all the data about the patient and creates a personalized weight loss program. With the functional nutrition in the program, the patient is monitored weekly and it is checked whether weight is lost through fat, muscle or fluid. Our main goal is not to reduce muscle mass. Our doctor applies the acupuncture method to support the regulation of nutrition and control of willpower, making it easier for the person to adapt to this process. Acupuncture supports both healthy weight loss and regular nutrition by reducing appetite.

Exercise, andullation, ozone therapy

Tünerir stated that in overweight people there can be lubrication around the knees in the legs, and cellulite massage and massages with the G5 device are applied to melt it, and this method also prevents stress-related weight gain. Dr. Dr. Tünerir said: “The program involves practicing 3 days a week in the hydrotherapy pool at our centre. Thus, the person can get a healthier and firmer body by exercising while losing weight. You know that pool exercises can burn more calories in less time.” In addition to exercises in the pool, 1 or 2 body slimming is achieved with the andullation device applied in the Healthy Slimming Unit. Türkan Tünerir said: “We apply the Andullation device 3 days a week in a 1 month program, this device provides edema removal and thinning. If the patient has no cardiovascular problems, we do 12 sessions of Ozone Sauna 3 days a week, our patient is placed in a capsule and given ozone, the skin is oxygenated and beautified and weight loss is achieved.

“Lost 12-15 kilos in 3 months”

Tünerir stated that with the holistic practices in the Healthy Slimming Unit it is not just about weight loss, saying:

“Diets made with restricted calories can turn into binge eating and eating disorders over time. Here we do not apply a classic diet program, but a program that teaches healthy eating in the long term. Our patients usually lose 12-15 kilos in 3 months without effort, and at the same time we see that other existing diseases are treated, their cholesterol drops, their blood pressure and sugars return to normal values. With applications such as healthy diet, acupuncture, andullation device, swimming pool exercises, ozone sauna, cellulite massage used together, the person does not sag during weight loss, on the contrary, the body tightens, the skin becomes beautiful, and even the muscle structure is strengthened, thereby regulating the health of the spine and in fact a kind of renewal is achieved. After 3 months of sessions, the person reports that his body is getting fitter, his pain is reduced, he has no trouble losing weight and he wakes up more powerful.

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