Hearing loss can be treated or restored

Throat, nose and ear specialist Assoc. Dr Özgür Sürmelioğlu provided important information about hearing loss, a major but correctable health problem that can occur regardless of age and significantly affects people’s lives. Sürmelioğlu stated that hearing losses are divided into two groups as congenital or acquired losses that can occur in the later years of life and due to various factors.

“Exposure to loud noise is also risky”

associate states that the factors that cause hearing loss are classified according to the type of hearing loss. Dr. Sürmelioğlu, “The Causes of Conductive Hearing Loss; earwax, external ear canal stenosis, external ear infections, bony prominences in the external ear canal, tumors arising from the external ear canal, developmental disorders of the external ear canal, tears in the eardrum, chronic middle ear infections, fluid accumulation in the middle ear, middle ear ossicles Dissolutions between ossicles, middle ear masses, middle ear tumors that can occur as a result of developmental disorders or previous middle ear infections can be counted. Sensorineural hearing loss is due to many factors, such as congenital, congenital, some syndromes, the spread of middle ear infections to the inner ear, damage to the inner ear due to drugs used, trauma, exposure to loud noise, advanced age, inner ear tumors. he said.

“If left untreated, it can lead to speech disorders”

By stating that the problem is unilateral or bilateral, the severity and duration of the loss lead to different findings in different people, Assoc. Dr Sürmelioğlu said that if proper treatment and rehabilitation methods are not applied to a person with congenital hearing loss, symptoms such as speech impairment and non-responsiveness to sound stimuli can occur in severe hearing loss.

Emphasizing that mild to moderate hearing loss in school-aged children can cause behavioral, developmental and psychological problems and academic success, Assoc states. Dr Sürmelioğlu said: “Communication can cause problems at all ages. In this sense, in which ear the hearing loss exists and the severity of the hearing loss should be determined by a number of tests. To determine the severity and type of hearing loss, various tests are performed based on the patient’s age and mental state. Among them, the most commonly used methods are; brainstem audiometry, otoacoustic emission, pure tone audiometry and acoustic impedance. Further research methods may also be applied to patients deemed appropriate.

“Treatment is applied according to the severity of the hearing loss”

Sürmelioğlu mentioned that hearing loss is a “treatable or recoverable” health problem and stated that the method of treatment will vary depending on the underlying problem and the type and severity of the hearing loss and whether the hearing loss is unilateral or bilateral. associate Dr. Sürmelioğlu also stated that patients with stenosis in the external auditory canal can get rid of hearing loss symptoms by surgically opening the stenosis.

“Prostheses may be needed for treatment.

Noting that the painless losses that often occur in childhood with fluid buildup in the middle ear can also be cured by draining the fluid in the middle ear and inserting tubes called ventilation tubes into the eardrum, Assoc. Dr. Sürmelioğlu said the following about treatment methods:

“Patients with middle ear infections, ruptures in the eardrum and connection problems between the ossicles can be treated with eardrum surgery and, if necessary, by using conductive prostheses, their hearing loss problems can be solved. Again, individuals with highly advanced sensory hearing loss can be rescued from these complaints and reintegrated into society with cochlear implant surgery, popularly called bionic ear. Depending on the degree of hearing loss, if there is no severe hearing loss, hearing rehabilitation can be provided with hearing aids for people with sensorineural hearing loss.

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