Heat Stroke Can Put You In A Coma – Health News

Angry. Dr Elif Sarıönder Gencer stated that many people who have come to the hospital due to the high temperatures in the recent period have seen symptoms of heat stroke, saying, “Although there are simple symptoms such as mild heat, mild sunstroke, weakness, difficulty concentrating or meaningless speech, this heat stroke can lead to seizures and coma when it increases.”

heat stroke symptoms

Giving information about those exposed to heatstroke, Gencer said, “If you can’t maintain body temperature, especially in the elderly and in children with chronic diseases, too high a body temperature can cause severe symptoms. People with sweating disorders, heart patients, can go to the hospital with serious complaints because they can’t cool their body. Hot and dry skin are the first symptoms. Brain swelling and coma are one of the very dangerous symptoms of heat stroke,” he said.

‘Heat stroke can cause coma’

Underlining that living organisms can function well in a certain temperature range, Gencer said: “We are made of proteins, just like our sensitive organs, such as nose and ears, can freeze at a temperature below a certain degree, and irreversible tissue damage, which we call necrosis, can occur with heat. The same thing happens with heat. The tissues are really cooked. The brain is the most sensitive area. as ptic seizures and coma.”

Warnings for people who work outside the home

Pointing out that people who work in open areas should be protected from the sun, Gencer said: “Waiters, couriers and construction workers who work in many jobs in the Antalya tourist region work in the open area. They should definitely work with sun protection equipment, with equipment such as hats and glasses, to drink regularly, to drink plenty of water. They should shorten the time they stay in the heat and cool themselves. 00 and 1 1.00 degrees on the hottest days.’ he declared.

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