Height growth health indicator in children

Child Health and Disease Specialist Assoc. Dr. Emel Ünsür stressed that on the occasion of “April 15, Growth Monitoring Day”, the growth and development of children should be closely monitored, especially if they are not ill. Noting that the most basic indicator of health assessment in children is “growth and development”, Assoc. Dr. Ünsür said: “Growth is the growth of cells and organs in our body in terms of mass and volume, development, and the process and function of organs developing in mass and volume. To raise a healthy generation, we must closely monitor the growth and development of our children.

“The period in which growth is fastest is the period in the womb”

Pointing out that the culture of only going to the doctor when you are sick is very common in our society, Assoc. Dr. Ünsür, in order to raise healthy children, attached importance to follow-ups of growth and development during the periods when they were not ill, and recommended that their children be monitored regularly. Assoc. states that growth begins in the mother’s womb and that the fastest growth occurs during this period. Dr. Ünsür said: “The period between 0-1 year is the fastest growth period after the mother’s womb. It is also a very important period for our organs to get function. More development emerges between the ages of 1-2 years. More psychosocial, mental and intellectual development takes place here. It is very important to detect the presence of situations that negatively affect their growth and development by closely monitoring our children during these periods.

“Head circumference is the most important finding demonstrating brain development”

When it comes to growth, Assoc. Dr. Ünsür said: “A healthy born baby weighs about 3.5 kilograms. In the first 3 months we usually want them to gain 1 kg per month. After that, these weight gains gradually begin to decrease. Weekly it drops to 100-150 grams. They usually reach twice their birth weight by the 5th month. At the age of 1 they reach 3 times. A healthy baby born with a length of 50 centimeters will reach 75 centimeters by the age of 1 year.

associate Dr. Ünsür emphasized that head circumference is “the most important finding showing brain development” and said it is very important to accurately track head circumference in terms of brain development. He added that they try to detect if there is a pause in the growth stages with the checks done in the first year.

“After 2 years, a check is necessary every 6 months”

Noting that if there is a problematic situation that does not fit within the growth lines, Assoc. Dr Unsur said:

“Since height and weight gain are the most important health indicators, along with hereditary factors, it is necessary to investigate whether there is a problem with nutrition due to hormonal status and environmental factors, taking into account the genetic factors in the growth pause.”

associate Dr. Ünsür, to parents; infants between 0-1 years old; weekly in the first month; 1 to 6 months monthly, 6 to 12 months every 3 months; Every 3 months between the ages of 1-2 years; He recommended having growth parameters checked every 6 months between ages 2 and 6, and once a year from age 6 through late adolescence.

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