Hemorrhoid complaints increase in the summer

Explaining that hemorrhoids, for which many people are hesitant to see a doctor because of embarrassment, can actually be treated easily, general surgery specialist Dr. Onur Bora Aslan gave information about the disease by saying that staying in a wet swimsuit, especially in the pool and sea season which begins with the arrival of summer, increases the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Normally everyone does

Dr. Dr. Aslan noted that people are actually born with hemorrhoids, but it only becomes uncomfortable when they swell and grow.

Dr Aslan said: “Hemorrhoids are defined as swollen blood vessels in the anus and lower rectum (intestinal tract). Dietary style can also cause hemorrhoids. Our tables should be based on seasonal fruits and vegetables rather than animal foods, and be high in fibre. In addition, acidic foods such as fast foods, fermented foods and pickles are among the foods that we do not recommend in this regard, as they disturb the balance of the intestinal flora. In addition, frequent alcohol consumption can make the hemorrhoids problem annoying as it will cause the veins to expand.

get rid of constipation

Dr. Aslan said: “About 60 percent of the human body is made up of water, so normally 2.5-3 liters of water should be consumed per day.”

Don’t wait with wet swimwear

Noting that staying in a wet swimsuit for a long time after getting out of the pool or the sea in the current summer months can also cause hemorrhoids, Aslan said: “Such a situation will cause a rapid change in the temperature of the anal area, and the circulation can be affected and swelling or pain can develop in the hemorrhoid.To avoid problems, a wet swimsuit should be replaced with a dry swimsuit without wasting time.


Explaining that it is the treatment of hemorrhoids, Aslan said, “The treatment of the disease is planned by the doctor based on how severe the symptoms are. Lifestyle changes and the use of medications are among the methods used. However, surgical intervention is also on the agenda for advanced hemorrhoid problems. But even if the disease can be easily treated with these methods, the likelihood of hemorrhoids recurrence will increase if the conditions causing the complaints are not corrected.

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