Hepsiburada will create a production and trade volume of 10 billion TL in the earthquake zone in 2 years – Last Minute Economy News

Since the first hours of the earthquakes that deeply affected Turkey, Hepsiburada continues to provide the necessary materials to the earthquake victims by carrying out numerous relief actions by all means and will provide the producers, entrepreneurs, SMEs and artisans in the region with support all its resources. technology, logistics, sales and marketing power to revive the regional economy.

Support continues with e-commerce orders

With the “Every Order, One Support” project, which was implemented on February 17, 2023, Hepsiburada offered for sale the local products of the producers and women’s cooperatives active in the earthquake zone without any commercial purpose, and opened the project to all companies, producers and retailers in the earthquake zone.

To support merchants and SMEs in quickly recovering their businesses from the earthquake, Hepsiburada is transferring all sales proceeds from its business partners in the region to companies with no interruptions, commissions and no term. In addition, it provides advertising and promotion support to any business through HepsiAds so that merchants can reach more customers. Online training courses on topics such as e-commerce, sales and marketing are also offered to companies that sell on the platform from the region.

Also, in the first phase, in addition to supporting the earthquake victims in terms of recruitment and accounting issues, Hepsiburada’s logistics capabilities are also being mobilized and preparations are being made to deploy the marketing applications of Hepsiburada business partners used by large companies to to offer from SMEs and merchants in the region.

10 billion TL sales volume from the region to Turkey and the world

Under Hepsiburada’s “Trade and Technology Power to the Earthquake Zone” program, various supports were provided to a total of 10,000 business partners who continue to engage in e-commerce in the region and want to enter e-commerce with support, and special campaigns which are designed for all of Turkey will be put into operation for 2 years under different needs. Support will be provided at different levels, depending on the technological and commercial capacities of companies and traders, their sectors, size and business structures. With the “Trade and Technology Power to the Earthquake Zone” program, Hepsiburada aims to increase sales from the region to 10 billion TL in 2 years.

Contribution to the employment of 120 thousand people and the livelihood of 500 thousand people

The region’s weight and volume will be increased in platform sales by bringing the products from the region’s producers and sellers to Hepsiburada’s individual and corporate customers with artificial intelligence-based technologies and special campaigns. It is intended to contribute to the employment of 120,000 people and the livelihoods of 500,000 people with the effect of the support and investments aimed at increasing e-commerce in the region, as well as shifting some of the services from the suppliers are received to the region by Hepsiburada.

Specialization centers for e-commerce are set up in 3 cities

Hepsiburada will also implement the ‘E-commerce Specialization Centers’ project which will be established in 3 different cities, which will respond to the growth and development of the region’s e-commerce ecosystem and the office, inventory, logistics, marketing, customer service and training needs of small businesses.

In the first phase, work continues to operationalize the mobile offices prepared to meet the office, computer, material and service needs of the earthquake-affected vendors.

In the second phase, E-commerce Specialization Centers will be created, consisting of call centers, HepsiJet transfer centers, business partner offices, training and meeting areas. Opportunities will be provided to young people who wish to gain education, experience and expertise at different levels of the e-commerce ecosystem in centers of specialisation. With these centers it aims to strengthen cooperation between the private sector, government, educational institutions, universities and NGOs and the trade ecosystem in the region.

Support for enterprising women and women’s cooperatives

Hepsiburada will support 5,000 women entrepreneurs from the region under its Technology Power for Entrepreneurial Women program, which it has been running since 2017. Many services, especially storage, packaging and freight services, will be provided free of charge to women entrepreneurs and women’s cooperatives who sell through the platform and which are unable to continue their production and delivery processes due to the earthquake. The activities aimed at increasing women’s entrepreneurship aim to increase women’s participation in commercial and economic life and to ensure that half of the traders and entrepreneurs supported are women.

Hepsiburada’s logistical strength remains on the field

Hepsiburada, which provides necessary support to the earthquake zone from day one with its strong logistics capabilities and quickly puts into action the freight and transportation operations damaged in the region, provides the needed products and materials to the region; on the other hand, it will continue to supply the products of the sellers and producers in the region without interruption and without any problems to all of Turkey and the world. Warehousing services will also be provided to business partners whose warehouses were damaged by the earthquake, as part of Hepsiburada’s experience and logistics facilities in the region.

Education and social support for children, young people and families

With the social responsibility projects it will implement in the region, Hepsiburada has started support activities for children, youth and families affected by the earthquake. Hepsiburada will develop projects involving public, non-governmental organizations and private sector stakeholders for earthquake victims living in the disaster area; It will provide social support, education and sports opportunities after the earthquake. Hepsiburada, which will carry out all the activities of the “One Smile is Enough” project for 2 years to meet the book, toy and educational needs of children in the earthquake zone, will also bring children and youth together with sports through basketball activities throughout the region.

In the coming period, Hepsiburada will regularly share information and announcements with its stakeholders, press and public, including all steps and developments under the Trade and Technology Power to the Earthquake Zone program, as well as the economic and social impact analyzes of the program. In this context, the consolidated program activities and their economic and social impacts in the region will be shared with the press and the public on a quarterly basis, with communication and information about the activities in the region continuing as they happen.

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