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Retired civil servant, father of 3 girls, Taşkın Taşkıran, was admitted to the university hospital last year for treatment of a wound on his leg that could not heal due to diabetes. The examinations conducted during treatment revealed that Taşkıran had both cirrhosis and diabetes. Taşkıran, who is said to be able to regain his health only with a liver transplant, has registered for the operation at Kent Hospital. Gülşah Aytek, the kindergarten teacher of the youngest daughter, became a voluntary donor of Taşkıran.

Mehmet Aygeroğlu, a retired worker and father of a child, living in Çiğli district, went to a state hospital and then to a teaching hospital in November last year complaining of loss of appetite and fatigue. A diagnosis of cirrhosis was made and an emergency liver transplant decision was made. Cansu Aygeroğlu, the daughter of a food engineer, volunteered for Aygeroğlu, who applied for a transplant at Kent Hospital.


The operations of the two fathers, 3 days apart, were performed by İzmir Kent Hospital Liver Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery Department Founding President Prof. Dr. Murat Kilic, Assoc. dr. Cahit Yilmaz, Opr. dr. Kamil Kilic, Opr. On. dr. Rasim Farajov, Opr. dr. Zaza Iakobadze, Assoc. dr. Mert Akan, Exp. Dr. Ali Han Pirim and Specialist. dr. It was performed by the team consisting of Özgür Bolat. Liver tissue taken from Gülşah Aytek on June 6 was transferred to her father Taşkın Taşkıran. The liver, from Cansu Aygeroğlu, was transplanted to his father, Aygeroğlu, on June 9. After the transplant, first the girls and then their fathers were taken to the service. As the paths of two fathers and donor daughters, whose blood counts were deteriorating and cirrhosis was life-threatening, crossed paths at Kent Hospital, the coincidence of both transplants created emotional moments for Father’s Day.


Gülşah Aytek, who volunteered before her older sisters and gave her life to her father when she was considered for the transplant, said: “How can you accept that the person you value and love the most, if you don’t even have a can tolerate a little?” pain, slips from the palm of your hand before your eyes? Especially if this person is my hero, my father. I volunteered as soon as I was diagnosed, without giving my sisters a chance. Now I feel comfortable, I am very happy. My mother Emine and my father got married on June 10th. We chose the same date last year for our wedding with my wife Ömer and 4 days after the transplant we were the first. “My parents also celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary at the hospital. Now we celebrate Father’s Day at the hospital. June will be a festive month for us from now on,” he said.


Cansu Aygeroğlu, who was happy to be a lifeblood for her father Mehmet Aygeroğlu, said: “I am so peaceful and happy. It is a wonderful thing that we are alive. Because my father had no time to wait, thank God he survived June 26 is my father’s birthday, in this month Father’s Day again.” June was the month he clung to life. It is a lucky month and I am very proud to be able to give my father the most meaningful gift,” he said.


Taşkıran and Aygeroğlu said that at their daughters’ insistence, they had to accept that they were donors and that they were proud of them. The two fathers, who started their second life thanks to their daughters, declared that they were their heroes. Taşkıran and Aygeroğlu declared that they are the happiest fathers on this Father’s Day.


On the other hand, Assoc. Dr. Cahit Yılmaz said, “We performed liver transplantation for both of our patients, 3 days apart, of their daughters due to end-stage liver failure. Both operations were successful. Our patients’ conditions are good, their follow-up and treatment are going We are planning their discharge at the beginning of the week. It was a pleasant coincidence that we came across it and the recovery of our patients made our whole team happy.”

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