hidden danger carotid artery occlusion

Carotid artery occlusion is a disease that progresses without showing symptoms in the early stages. Over time, narrowing of our arteries occurs due to arteriosclerosis. Factors such as high blood pressure, smoking, irregular diet and high cholesterol levels cause arteriosclerosis. This narrowing of the vessels shows no symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Patients with risk factors should undergo screening tests and monitoring by a physician. As the degree of stenosis in the jugular veins progresses, temporary and permanent paralysis occurs. Patients with symptoms such as dizziness, balance problems, speech problems, forgetfulness, stiffness of arms and legs, sudden hearing loss should undergo a doctor’s check-up.

Speaking of carotid artery diseases, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr Murat Uğurlucan said: “The jugular veins are the arteries on the right and left sides of our neck that carry clean blood to nourish our brain. As we age, our veins can age just like our bodies. Aging should be done in a healthy way. Stenosis in our jugular veins can develop over time. The biggest reason for this abnormal narrowing in our arteries is arteriosclerosis. There are some risk factors that can cause this stiffness. The presence of cardiovascular disease in the family, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, non-exercise, irregular diet and high cholesterol can be mentioned as examples of these factors.

“Carotid artery stenosis is an insidious disease”

Uğurlucan stated that stenosis in the jugular veins has no early symptoms and said: “Stenosis in our jugular veins is important. As the narrowing increases over time, the amount of blood and oxygen going to our brains will decrease. Small clots can form in the jugular veins. When these clots break off and travel to small vessels in our brain, they can cause congestion. As a result of stenosis in the veins, forgetfulness, sudden loss of vision, detachment of the right and left sides, loss of balance and hearing problems can occur. Carotid artery stenosis is an insidious disease. The stenosis shows no symptoms in the early stages. When the degree of narrowing progresses, they can come to our clinic for temporary and permanent paralysis, but then it may be too late. People with risk factors for carotid artery stenosis should have screening tests and be monitored by a doctor,” he said.

“Men up to 60 years more risky than women”

Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Uğurlucan, who stated that patients with complaints of the disease should definitely have my check-up, said: “Men are riskier than women up to the age of 60. After the age of 60, this situation is leveled out. The necessary investigations will be carried out for those who report to the hospital with a complaint. The degree of stenosis is determined by ultrasound, tomography, angiography and MRI angiography of the cervical vessels. Patients who do not have any complaints should also be checked by their doctor. Between 2020 and 2022, our country went through the major pandemic that hit the whole world. During this period, hospitals were closed for the treatment of covit-19 patients. A curfew was imposed. Necessary measures were taken to prevent the spread of the disease. During this period, there were disruptions in health, as with many other issues. We couldn’t have our regular checkups done. Patients with symptoms such as dizziness, balance problems, speech problems, forgetfulness, inability to hold arms and legs and sudden hearing loss should have a doctor’s check-up without wasting time.

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