High risk of oral cancer in smokers

Dt. Tuğçe Serdaroğlu made statements about the effects of smoking on oral and dental health. Arguing that the likelihood of tartar and plaque buildup on smokers’ teeth is higher, Dt. Serdaroğlu said: “If plaque and tartar are not cleaned, they will cause more serious health problems in the future. In addition, this dental plaque and tartar cause teeth to discolor even more. This can cause problems in people’s aesthetic appearance,” he said.

Stay away from smoking environments

Emphasizing that passive smoking, which is not smoking but constant in smoking environments, can be hazardous to oral and dental health, Dt. Serdaroğlu stated that for this reason, smoking should be stopped completely, both in terms of general health and oral and dental health, and that if it is difficult to quit, it should at least be limited as much as possible. Noting that care should be taken to keep away from smoking environments, Dt. Serdaroğlu said: “The smell of cigarette smoke permeates the inner cheeks, tongue and gums. In this case, the salivary glands may secrete saliva. Insufficient salivary secretion leads to dry mouth. A dry mouth can cause people to have bad breath.

Can cause oral cancer

Claiming that one of the most serious oral and dental diseases caused by smoking is oral cancer, Dt. Tuğçe Serdaroğlu said: “Smokers are more likely to get oral cancer, lung cancer and other cancers than non-smokers. In addition, people who smoke are more likely to have a heart attack and inflammation of the airways. Inflammation in the airways leads to the proliferation of cancer cells in the teeth, gums, lips and throat. Toxins in cigarettes help damage healthy cells and turn into cancer cells over time. If these cancer cells are detected early, it is possible to treat them. However, if left untreated and continued smoking, it can cause serious problems, even death. Among the oral and dental health disorders caused by smoking, there are also problems such as gingivitis, gum disease, gum recession, tooth loss.

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