His words in the ambulance made everyone cry, emergency responders told of those moments

It was heard that the health of Hasan Basri Aslan’s wife and 3 children was good while the race of the medical teams was reflected on camera from time to time. These words of Hasan Basri Aslan were reminiscent of the words of miner Murat Yalçın, who got into the ambulance at the mining accident in Soma: “Let me take off my boots so that the stretcher doesn’t get dirty”. Emergency medical technician Feride Gökçe Doğan, Saliha Tuğçe Kağnıcıoğlu and ATT Mehmet Davarcıoğlu, who volunteered to the earthquake zone from Eskişehir, participated in the rescue operation of Hasan Basri Aslan, who fell with his wife and children in an apartment space in Nurdağı. Hasan Basri Aslan, his wife and 3 children were pulled alive from the rubble at the 130th hour. All search and rescue teams and paramedics prayed for Aslan to get well.

While trying to give oxygen to Hasan Basri Aslan, who was being pulled from the wreckage, he told health officials: “But I smell a lot. I’m disturbing you” gave the 112 team emotional moments. While the health officials attended to the miner in Soma thought, the officers who worked hard said, “It doesn’t matter. Your health is important.” Hasan Basri Aslan was transferred in a race against time to the nearest 112 helicopter and then to the hospital in Gaziantep.

Medical staff Feride Gökçe Doğan described those moments and her feelings to the IHA reporter and said, “I came to work from Eskişehir. We immediately left voluntarily. At the 130th hour of the earthquake, they made an announcement over the radio that the case came out alive from the wreckage. We were immediately transferred to the area. 5 people were taken to the scene. 130 On the hour. 3 children and parents. The person we took to the ambulance was the father of the family. They fell into the space of the apartment. Even their noses did not bleed. We transferred the patient to the helicopter ambulance as soon as we got them. We returned to the Nurdağı Field Hospital from the center. Hasan Basri Aslan’s “But “I smell, I disturb you” remembered us to the miners of Somalia. We were very moved. We convey our best wishes to all the victims of the earthquake. May God have mercy on the victims of the earthquake we lost, and m my condolences to their relatives. Every life saved makes us and all of Turkey happy,” he said.

Emergency medical technician Saliha Tuğçe Kağnıcıoğlu said: “We go to the cases to see if a good patient comes out from under the rubble, if we can help someone, there are always funerals, this made us very sad. The fact that someone comes out alive after 130 hours is truly an incredible rescue. This event has made us very emotional. We were very touched at that moment when the patient also said ‘I smell’, came out from under the rubble, we try to help, says ‘I smell’ and still thinks about us. We couldn’t hold back our tears. We both intervened and got emotional,” he said.

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