Hisar Neptune Pressure Cooker Usage and Reviews

Preferred by those who cook deliciously while saving time in the kitchen, Hisar Neptün is one of the products that even those who fear pressure cookers use with confidence with its superior safety features. Hisar Neptün, which has won the admiration of everyone for its stylish appearance and ease of use, adapts to any kitchen style with its different color options. Let’s take a closer look at the Hisar Neptune pressure cooker, which stands out for its elegance and reliability.

Hisar Neptune pressure cooker Features

Body material Stainless steel
Capacity 4+7L
base Thermal Transtech
Induction compatibility There is
Removable handle No
Level 2 levels
One-handed opening There is

Hisar Neptune pressure cooker review

Hisar Neptune pressure cooker, which offers both fast and delicious cooking and practical use, offers the possibility to be used for many years with its stainless steel material. Hisar Neptune pressure cooker offers a look for every taste with its gold, red, pink and black color options and is also appreciated for being compatible with all cookers. Easy to use thanks to its one-handed opening, this product offers dimensions adapted to your needs as it is sold as a set.

Hisar Neptune Features

  • Content 4+7 litres
  • 18/10 stainless steel
  • Induction compatible soleplate
  • Open with one hand
  • Compatible glass cover

Hisar Neptune pressure cooker bodily material

Hisar Neptune Pressure Cooker Set is made of 18/10 quality stainless steel. This pressure cooker, which you will enjoy for years, adds elegance to your kitchen with its elegant design. Thanks to its specially polished surface, this pressure cooker, which does not stain and always looks like new, offers 4 different color options.

Design features of Hisar Neptune

Body material Stainless steel
Clock display No
One-handed opening There is
base Thermal Transtech
Color Option Gold, red, pink and black

How to use Hisar Neptune?

Hisar Neptune pressure cooker

Turn the handle on the lid clockwise to open the Hisar Neptune pressure cooker. Then fill it so as not to exceed the maximum level. Place the rubber on the inside of the lid in place and place the lid in the jar. This time turn the handle counterclockwise to lock the pressure cooker. Depending on the type of food you are cooking, you can select the 1st or 2nd level and sear the bottom of your pan.

When your food starts to cook, you should lower the heat and start counting the cooking time. When your food is cooked, turn off the heat and set it to zero and wait for the air inside to evacuate. When the compressed air inside is empty, turn it clockwise again and open the lid. Using the Hisar Neptune pressure cooker is that simple.

Hisar Neptune cooking times

Veal 40 minutes Level 2
Beef 46-60 minutes Level 2
Lamb meat 30 minutes Level 2
Fish 3 minutes Level 1
Turkey 30 minutes Level 2
Whole chicken 15 minutes Level 2
Chickpeas (soaked) 25-40 minutes Level 2
Chickpeas (not soaked) 45-60 minutes Level 2
Green lentils 15-20 minutes Level 2
Pea 5-8 minutes Level 1
Carrot 8-10 minutes Level 1
Potatoes 3-5 minutes Level 1
Green beans 15-20 Level 1

Hisar Neptune capacitance

Hisar Neptune pressure cooker

Sold as a set of 2, Hisar Neptune has a capacity of 4 and 7 litres. Used for both pans and pressure cookers thanks to their compatible lids, these formats offer capacity for user needs. This makes it an ideal option for both nuclear and extended families.

Hisar Neptune Security System

Hisar Neptune pressure cooker

Hisar Neptune Pressure Cooker has 3 separate safety systems: pressure protection system, safety valve and silicone head gasket. The pressure protection system prevents the lid from opening when there is pressure inside. The safety valve is activated when the overpressure system is clogged and helps to release the overpressure. The silicone main gasket activates when there is a failure in any of the evacuation systems or when it is clogged, pulling the gasket down and dissipating the excess pressure that has built up inside. For example, Hisar Neptün, which offers very safe use with three protection systems, is ideal for those who are afraid of using a pressure cooker.

Reviews of Hisar Neptune pressure cookers

Hisar Neptune pressure cooker

👤 I’ve been using it for 1 month now. It cooks meat in 20 minutes and chicken in 15 minutes very well. Having 2 pots is very good. Like the other comments, the width of the handles takes up a little too much space for me. There are stains on the bottom of my large pot that won’t go away. I will talk to the service and update my review. G**** T***

👤 I have tried the pressure cap in two different jars and it works without any problems. No leaks, the product received a pass for the most important function it is supposed to provide. T*** T****

👤 I use it very well, I am very satisfied. N**** B****

👤 I bought it based on the comments. It really does justice. It’s unlike any other whistle blower I’ve used before. It cooks in as much time as what is in the booklet. I read in the comments that the handles are large. Yes, it’s bigger than normal pans, but I liked that the Aygaz handles don’t get hot even in the largest pan. I would say that those who buy a pressure cooker should not look at any other brand. Having a glass cover is also a great advantage. M**** B****

👤 Definitely number 1. It cooks super. Let’s say Mashallah together 😉 H**** T***

👤 More beautiful than in the picture. This time it lived up to my expectations. Thank you. To all involved. E **** G ***

👤 The product is very beautiful and practical. The cover is very comfortable to use. Also very good for cooking. You can cook chickpeas and beans in a short time N*** N****

👤 The product is of very high quality. If you are considering buying, don’t hesitate. The order also arrived quickly. Packaging was good. S**** S***

👤 The product is very good for the price. I also didn’t have to buy a pot to cook it. However, I will also send it. It’s nice, it was a local and national product. S**** S***

👤 I read the negative comments and was hesitant, but I thought I shouldn’t be surprised by the quality of the Fort, which is a good thing I did. I am very, very satisfied. It’s a great product for the price, but it has stains on the bottom of both my jars, no problem otherwise, I highly recommend it. E**** E***

👤 I am very happy with the pans, I used them 3 or 4 times, we cooked the village chicken in 20 minutes, the only problem I think is the long handles, it takes up too much space both in the machine and in the closet . YES***

👤 The shipping is fast, the packaging is beautiful, the Hisar whistle is great, what more could you want. I ordered anxiously because of some negative comments but I’m glad I ordered and I’m glad I bought it. I **** E **** You ***

How many liters is Hisar Neptune Pressure Cooker Set?

Hisar Neptune Pressure Cooker Set has a capacity of 4 and 7 litres. In this way it offers the possibility to use as needed.

What does the Hisar Neptune Pressure Cooker band do?

Hisar Neptune Pressure cooker rubber helps to relieve the overpressure in the pressure cooker when the safety systems are switched off.

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