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KBU hosted by KBU Faculty of Medicine Dr. The “HIV Infection and AIDS Symposium in All Its Aspects” held at Ekrem Karakaya Conference Hall was kicked off. To the opening of the symposium; KBU Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the KBU Prof. Dr. Orhan Önalan, academics, students and guests.

KBU Faculty of Medicine Lecturer Assoc. Dr Meryem Çolak stated that HIV infection has increased in Turkey. Çolak stated that they started with the title “HIV infection and AIDS in all its aspects,” Çolak said, “Although the number of HIV infections and AIDS around the world shows a decreasing trend, unfortunately these numbers are increasing in our country We will talk about the official figures from the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health Unfortunately, when we look at it, in our country “The main reason for this is that people with HIV or AIDS are unfortunately exposed to stigma. This is basically because we don’t fully understand and don’t know about the infection,” he said.

“We strive to reduce the prevalence of AIDS infections”

Assoc. states that the quality of life of patients with HIV infection and AIDS can be kept very high with treatment options. Dr Çolak said: “It is extremely valuable to us that people are not afraid of the diagnosis and approach the treatment and know what the infection is through training by creating awareness. These trainings will also continue. We aim to raise awareness to create and inform. We aim to reduce the prevalence of AIDS infections in our country in the coming years, if we

Referring to the topics covered at the symposium, which was held in three sessions entitled “HIV infection and AIDS in all its aspects”, Çolak said: “The general characteristics of the virus, the transmission routes, how the disease originates in the body. Our infectious diseases specialist will talk about the clinical course and treatment. Our expert teachers will talk. We will listen to the ways of protection from our public health specialist. We will talk about the ongoing studies such as vaccination studies on HIV. How should be the psychosocial approach in a person with HIV. Are there foods and foods that boost the immune system of a person with HIV, and nutrition at that? it should be.”

KBU Rector Polat, who gave a speech at the symposium, stated that the participants of the “HIV infection and AIDS symposium in all its aspects” will share comprehensive information about HIV infection and AIDS. Polat said, “I wish the symposium to be a means of good scientific exchange. Thank you very much for your efforts. I wish you to do better works.”

At the symposium; General Features of HIV and Its Transmission Routes, Mechanism of HIV Disease, HIV Infection in the World and in Turkey, Clinical Course and Treatment of HIV Infection, Tests Used in the Diagnosis of HIV Infection, Protection Against HIV Infection, HIV Vaccine Trials , nutrition in HIV-positive individuals by academics It was discussed under the headings psychosocial approach to HIV-positive individuals.

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