Hoover H-DRY 300 Dryer Features and Reviews

The Hoover H-DRY 300 HLE H9A2TE-17 tumble dryer is a user-friendly tumble dryer with state-of-the-art features. With this dryer, which saves you time by drying your laundry quickly and effectively, you can dry all your laundry in one go with its large drying capacity.

Hoover H-DRY 300 HLE H9A2TE-17 Specifications

Capacity 9 kg
Weight 41.2 kg
Number of programs 1+
Remote control There is
Volume 66dB

Vacuum cleaner H-DRY 300 HLE H9A2TE-17

The Hoover H-DRY 300 offers quiet operation and offers benefits in terms of both energy savings and user comfort. In this way, it stands out as a product that can be preferred by environmentally conscious users. In addition, with its silent operation, it offers the possibility to dry your laundry without disturbing your comfort at home.

Here are all the details about the Hoover H-DRY 300 HLE H9A2TE-17 Dryer;

Vacuum cleaner H-DRY 300 Design

The Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 tumble dryer is a powerful tumble dryer with a modern and stylish design. Thanks to its white color, it is designed to harmonize with other appliances in your home.

With Aquavision technology you can easily see the water level in your dryer. Thanks to heat pump technology, it saves energy and delivers high performance. This way you can dry your laundry gently and use it for a long time.

Thanks to the In Door Tank function you do not need an extra tank outside the machine. In this way, the dryer takes up less space and the functionality is greatly increased.

Vacuum cleaner HLE H9A2TE-17 Capacity

The Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 dryer is appreciated by its users with its capacity of 9 kilograms. With this machine, which has a large drying space, you will find the possibility to dry all the laundry that comes out of your washing machine in one go, without it taking up space.

Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 Security

Wool brand There is
Delayed start There is
Automatic shutdown There is

Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 offers an ideal option for delicate fabrics with its Woolmark certification.

The delayed start option allows users to schedule the drying process in advance and receive an alert when the process is complete thanks to the program end alert. This makes it possible to dry your laundry on time.

Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17, a product that has taken the necessary precautions for fire safety, is equipped with an automatic shut-off function to prevent overheating. The safety interlock on the machine helps stop the machine from working in unwanted situations.

Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 Size and Weight

Height 850mm
Width 596mm
Depth 585mm
Weight 41.2 kg

Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 dryer; It has achieved an ergonomic shape with its dimensions of 850 mm height, 596 mm width and 585 mm depth. Weighing only 41.2 kilograms, this dryer stands out thanks to its design that you can easily take with you wherever you go. Thanks to its ideal dimensions, it does not fail to offer you a large washing-drying space.

Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 Specifications

  • 9 kg drying capacity
  • 259 kWh annual energy consumption
  • Remote access with the hOn app
  • 66 dB noise level
  • Delayed start option
  • Superior performance
  • Aquavision water tank
  • Label scanning function

Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 Power Consumption

Annual energy consumption 259 kWh
Energy consumption at full load 2.16 kWh
Energy consumption at half load 1.16 kWh
Energy efficiency class A++
Volume 66dB

The annual energy consumption of the Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 tumble dryer, which stands out for its high energy efficiency class, is set at 259 kWh. The energy consumption of this machine, which offers an environmentally friendly option with its B-class condensing efficiency, is measured as 2.16 kWh at full load and 1.16 kWh at half load. Thus, it satisfies its users in all respects in terms of energy saving.

This dryer, which is very quiet with a noise level of 66 dB, is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious users.

Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 remote control

Vacuum cleaner HLE H9A2TE-17

Thanks to the hOn application, which is compatible with the Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 dryer, you can easily access additional functions and special programs designed to ensure the best drying results. This feature, which allows you to improve the performance and efficiency of your dryer, also allows you to manage your appliance wherever you are thanks to the multi-remote control function.

You don’t need care labels with this machine, which is supported by the Label Scan function. You just need to create your virtual wardrobe by taking a picture of your care labels. After that, the hOn application collects and saves the washing instructions for your laundry and manages to recommend the most suitable program for them.

At the same time, the Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 dryer can be paired with your washing machine to help you get the best washing results.

In addition, with more than 40 additional programs offered through the hOn app, you also have access to care and hygiene programs tailored to your personal needs. Through the application you have access to all conveniences, such as recording your favorite programs, access to the world of information and suggestions and receive end of program notifications.

Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 User Reviews

Vacuum cleaner HLE H9A2TE-17

👤 *** ***: I really like it, it dries quietly and cleanly, clothes come out wrinkle free. The product is successful. I advise.

👤 *** ***: The product is quite good for its price. Easy in use. If you are going to use it without a drain, the water reservoir is located in the bottom valve and is very easy to empty. The sound is fairly low. I can’t say anything about energy consumption yet, but its equivalents are already being sold for 2-3 times the price. I am satisfied.

👤 *** ***: It is very affordable for its price, I am using a dryer for the first time and I am very satisfied. I would recommend it to everyone.

👤 *** ***: The product is very stylish and provides great drying in sun mode. We see the energy status when the bill comes to the end of the month. I advise. I will buy 1 more.

👤 *** ***: After researching user reviews for a long time, I decided to buy this product, it is a complete price/performance product, I would blindly recommend it to everyone. Its drying performance is clearly ahead of its highly successful counterparts in terms of dust and lint pick-up. A product that meets the standards in terms of sound, there is so much noise in different makes and models.

👤 *** ***: Hoover quality thrives on products that cost 3 times more. It’s a great product.

👤 *** ***: There is dust on the inside of the cover and it penetrates the edges of the glass and does not come out. I didn’t like it at all.

👤 *** ***: Programs are very long, white programs last 4 hours, colored programs 2.5 hours. I don’t know if it’s normal, but it also works with sound. I don’t recommend it.

Editor’s Comments

Vacuum cleaner HLE H9A2TE-17

The Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 dryer is one of the essential appliances for a modern lifestyle. It comes out with its well-equipped features that save time and keep your laundry looking like new for a long time.

This machine does not fail to provide a quiet drying experience while saving energy.

This machine, which you can control remotely thanks to the hOn app, gives you access to additional functions and special programs designed for your needs and significantly increases the efficiency of your machine. In addition, the hOn application will detect and save the washing instructions for your laundry and suggest the most suitable program for them. This way you can enjoy clean and dry laundry.

As a result, the Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 is drier; As a safe, convenient and energy-saving choice, we can say that it will make your drying process a pleasant experience and make your laundry last longer.

In this section we answer the questions about the Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 dryer.

What is the capacity of the Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 dryer?

The Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 tumble dryer has a capacity of 9 kg. This way, you can dry all the laundry that comes out of the washing machine in one go.

How many decibels of noise does the Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 tumble dryer make?

The Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 dryer has a noise level of 66 dB. So you can work at home without disturbing you while you are busy with other work or rest.

How to clean the Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 dryer?

The filter of the Hoover HLE H9A2TE-17 dryer should be cleaned regularly. The filter can be removed and cleaned according to the instructions in the user manual. In addition, dust and dirt that has accumulated in the dryer must be cleaned regularly.

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