Hope 2667 Mirage Review | Brake, frame, gear, rim, tire

Ümit 2667 is a bicycle that attracts attention with its unique features. It will fascinate you with its stylish and elegant design that catches your eye at first glance. However, the goal is to impress you not only with its looks, but also with its performance. The aluminum frame will make you fly with its lightness and will accompany you even in difficult riding conditions with its durability.

The wheels of the Ümit 2667 have been carefully designed to optimize the driving experience. With its 27.5-inch size, it offers both a fast and stable ride. It offers excellent stability even on flat and uneven surfaces. In addition, you do not have to worry about handling and traction thanks to the Rubena Ocelot tires.

Hope 2667 Mirage Features

Gear 21
type brake Hydraulic disc brake
Edge 27.5 inches

Ümit 2667 Mirage Mountain bike

Ümit 2667 stands out not only for its performance and design, but also for its user-friendly features. Thanks to the ergonomic seat and the adjustable steering wheel, you can achieve a comfortable sitting position. You can enjoy your long journeys and enjoy every moment spent on your bike.

Ümit 2667 will not surprise you when it comes to the gear system. Equipped with a 21-speed system, you can drive at different speeds and levels of difficulty. It maximizes your driving pleasure with smooth shifting and a wide speed range.

However, it must be said that Ümit 2667 does not compromise on security. The disc brake system maximizes your driving safety by providing sharp and reliable braking performance. This allows you to maintain control even in rainy weather.

Here are all the details about the Ümit 2667 Mirage Mountain Bike;

Features of the Ümit 2667 Mirage Mountain Bike

We can say that Ümit Bicycle has designed the new model Ümit 2667 Mirage, which it has developed to provide an exciting and dynamic cycling experience, amazing. The Mirage series attracts the attention of cycling enthusiasts with its modern design, strong performance and durable structure. The Ümit 2667 Mirage takes the driving experience to the next level by offering a lighter structure with its aluminum frame compared to steel frames.

The bike’s 27.5-inch wheels and 18 frame sizes show that it’s a standard adult size. With a tire diameter of approximately 69.8 cm, this bike is equipped with Rubena Ocelot brand tires to perform effectively on a variety of surfaces.

With a weight of 15.30 kg, the Ümit 2667 Mirage is an easy to carry and manoeuvrable bicycle. While the aluminum frame and double-layer aluminum wheels combine durability and lightness, the problem of rusting is eliminated thanks to the 6061 aluminum material.

Ümit 2667 Mirage Mountain bike gear and brake

Ümit 2667 Mirage prefers Shimano’s reliable components as a gear system. Easy and smooth shifting comes with Shimano ST-EF41 7×3 shift levers and Shimano RD-TY300 Tourney rear riser, while a sensitive and reliable shifting experience is provided by the Shimano FD-TZ500 front riser.

The braking system of this bicycle consists of Logan mechanical disc brakes. Disc brakes, effective on wet and dry surfaces, help you stay in control while stopping safely.

The Ümit 2667 Mirage is equipped with a fork locking system. This feature provides a more efficient ride by locking the fork onto flat surfaces where shock absorbers are not required. The HT-982 lockable fork with shock absorbers offers users more flexibility in different riding conditions.

Hope 2667 Mirage review

Hope 2667 Mirage Installation

You have received your Ümit 2667 Mirage bike and you are ready to ride with excitement! You can follow the steps below to quickly and smoothly adjust your bike:

Carefully open the packaging in which your Ümit 2667 Mirage bicycle was safely transported. Make sure all parts are complete.

Adjust the bike frame to your preference for ground clearance. Place the pliers in place and tighten securely with the necessary tools. You can use a wrench or a bolt-torque tool to assemble the frame and fork.

Install the front wheel first. Make sure the shaft is positioned correctly and tighten the bolts. Then install the rear wheel, properly align the gear system and tighten the bolts. Make sure you place the wheels properly and evenly.

Check the bicycle’s mechanical disc brake system. Squeeze the brake lever and check that the disc works properly. If necessary, adjust the brake cable tension and test the brakes. Check the gear system and try shifting. If necessary, adjust the shift cables and make sure the gears shift smoothly. Change gears by pedaling to make sure the gears are properly aligned.

Attach the pedals, adjust the seat height and adjust the steering wheel to the desired position. Add accessories to your bike, such as a bell or bottle cage. Inspect the bike for a final check after you have completed all assembly work. Make sure the brakes work properly, the tires are inflated, and the other components are securely attached.

Hope 2667 Mirage wheel

The Ümit 2667 Mirage is a bicycle with 27.5 inch wheels. These wheels have many benefits that maximize your driving experience.

The wheels are made of a double layer of aluminum material that offers the perfect balance between durability and lightness. This feature ensures that the wheels are strong and durable, even under severe driving conditions.

The 27.5 inch size of the rims is designed to optimize your driving experience. This size ensures a fast and stable ride while offering excellent stability even on flat and uneven surfaces.

The wheels are equipped with tires of the Rubena Ocelot brand 27.5×2.10. These tires provide high traction and handling and provide a safe driving experience on various surfaces.

The wheels last a long time thanks to the rust-proof feature of the aluminum material. In addition, aluminum surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, so you can always keep your wheels in good condition.

Ümit 2667 Mirage wheels are an excellent choice in terms of performance, durability and safety. It offers reliability, both in sporty driving and in everyday use. With its double-layer aluminum structure and Rubena Ocelot tires, you can ride easily on all kinds of surfaces and have a pleasant cycling experience.

Hope 2667 Mirage Features

Frame material Aluminium
Weight 15.30 kg
Squad length 18 inches – 45 cm
Front Shock Absorber Locked shock absorber

With 2667 Mirage Squad

Hope 2667 Mirage is a 27.5 inch bike with 6061 aluminum frame. Aluminum material is known to be lighter than steel frames, which improves the bike’s performance and makes the riding experience more enjoyable. In addition, the aluminum material is stainless, which ensures a long life of the frame.

Umit 2667 Mirage, which has 18 frame size options, has a structure that can accommodate standard adult sizes. This size offers a suitable option for a wide range of users. The frame size 18 indicates the ground clearance of the bicycle and determines the distance between the pedal system and the saddle. The frame size can also be adjusted depending on the user’s leg length and preferences.

The Ümit 2667 Mirage wand has a design that combines durability and aesthetics. It draws attention with fine details, clean lines and a modern look. The high-quality workmanship of the staff ensures reliability and durability.

The frame of the Ümit 2667 Mirage bike is designed to optimize the riding experience. The light structure ensures a fast and agile ride. At the same time, it retains its durability even under tough driving conditions thanks to its strong aluminum material and solid connection points.

Hope 2667 Mirage review

Want to buy Umit 2667 Mirage?

The Hope 2667 has a strong 27.5 inch aluminum frame. Aluminum material is known for its lightness and durability, making the riding experience more enjoyable and improving the performance of the bike. The modern frame design and attention to detail also make the bike visually appealing.

The wheels of this model optimize the driving experience with their size of 27.5 inches. Although it drives fast and stable, it offers excellent stability even on flat and uneven surfaces. Rubena Ocelot tires provide a safe ride with high traction and handling.

The Ümit 2667 is equipped with a 21-speed system, which allows users to drive at different speeds and levels of difficulty. The gear system shifts smoothly and offers users a wide range of speeds. In addition, the disc brake system of the Ümit 2667 ensures safe braking power and increases driving safety.

The ergonomic seat and adjustable handlebar of this bicycle provide users with a comfortable sitting position. This feature ensures comfort during long journeys or day trips.

The Hope 2667 is a very competitive option in terms of performance and design. It can be an ideal option, especially for sporty driving or everyday use. The Ümit Bicycle brand is a reliable brand with years of experience and quality standards.

Umit 2667 Mirage User Reviews

Hope 2667 Mirage review

👤 The store contacted us immediately and asked if the color we wanted was not available and if they would send a different color would that be a problem, thank you. We received the product with fast and safe shipping, the product is too good, it is really very high quality, we recommend it B**** S****

👤 The bike is really beautiful, but the pedal and saddle are not in the box, do you send them separately İ*** K****

👤 Thank you, the bike is more beautiful than I thought, I ordered green, the blue one came, but I am glad it is blue, it is much more beautiful F*** C****

👤 No lack of product. It was an excellent purchase. Very happy to meet you. Also thank you very much for the surprise out of the box, may Allah accept your good deeds. God bless you. S**M****

👤 If there were 10 stars I would give 10 for full price, free installation, stylish quality bike A*** T****

👤 It came even better than I expected, the color is legendary. I took the product to the store and had it installed for free and they started with the warranty. It’s definitely worth the price. E****T***

👤 It’s very good, I like the fun of driving and everything, I would highly recommend full braking in the summer. It can be done with a very easy speed. It is very soft on the seat. BY MEANS OF****

What are the frame sizes of Ümit 2667?

Ümit 2667 offers 18 frame size options for a wide range of users. The frame size represents the ground clearance of the bike and can be adjusted according to the user’s leg height and preferences.

What is the rim size of Umit 2667?

Ümit 2667 has 27.5 inch wheels. This size provides a fast and stable ride and a stable experience on flat and uneven surfaces.

How many gears does the gear system of the Ümit 2667 have?

Ümit 2667 is equipped with a 21-speed system. This gives users the option to drive at different speeds and levels of difficulty. The gear system shifts smoothly and offers a wide speed range.

How is the braking system of Ümit 2667?

The disc brake system of the Ümit 2667 ensures safe braking power and increases driving safety. Disc brakes provide effective braking performance even on wet or difficult surfaces.

What is the weight of Umit 2667?

Ümit 2667 is a light bike thanks to the aluminum frame. The exact assembled weight may vary depending on other components, but usually weighs between 13 and 15 kg.

What is the warranty period of Ümit 2667?

Ümit 2667 bicycles generally have a 2-year warranty. However, the warranty period may vary depending on the manufacturer and seller’s policy. Before purchasing it is important to check the warranty conditions and scope.

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