Hot weather can make pets depressed

As in the rest of the country, the scorching heat is also effective in Erzincan. The sweltering heat that can be felt in summer affects both animals and humans. On hot days, some of the mistakes that pet owners know to be true can hurt cute friends. For animal lovers, it is important to pay particular attention to nutrition.

Veterinarian Serkan Eroğlu, who made suggestions about the points of attention in the summer months, warned. Eroğlu said that dry food will be healthier than other food during this period and said: “We want dry food to always be for our pets. We recommend dry food because it prevents your food from spoiling. The most common cases we see in the summer months are over watering. Especially when I want to water, ice water is preferable. Since the ice is sharp, it can cause cuts in the mouth. We definitely don’t recommend iced drinks,” he said.

“Leather bags create a sauna effect in animals”

Expressing that ice can cause wounds in the mouth, Eroğlu suggested a “cold towel” to cool pets. Veterinarian Eroğlu, who especially warns owners of animals who make long journeys with their vehicles not to transport their little friends in leather bags, said: “Our animal can be overwhelmed by the heat, we can put a dry towel in the freezer to take it easy. We do not recommend putting them outside between noon and 2 p.m.

If we are going to make long journeys in vehicles, we do not recommend keeping animals in bags. It’s been very hot lately. Sometimes the sweat glands of those who are hot are not enough. This can make them depressed. Especially when we talk about bags, leather bags create a sauna effect. We are not allowed to shave our animals in the summer. It can be harmful, especially in places where the sun is intense. Research has shown that shaved skin is more affected by the heat and sun rays. Even if shaved, it must be removed with special clothing.

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