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Cardiology specialist prof. dr. Fehmi Kaçmaz warned that in order to avoid serious health problems, one should not go outside in the afternoon when the sun’s rays are steep. Dr. Fehmi Kaçmaz said: “Hot weather and humidity, loss of fluid and salt in the body, arrhythmias in the heart, as well as an imbalance in blood pressure can cause a decrease in blood fluidity, darkening of the blood and an increase in cholesterol. In summer, the heart works harder to maintain the body’s heat balance with the effect of heat. Therefore, extreme heat can exacerbate the complaints of heart patients, as well as cause healthy people to have heart problems, and increase the heart’s workload.

Explaining what needs to be taken into account to protect heart health and reduce the risk of heart attack in extremely hot weather, Prof. Dr. Kaçmaz said: “Especially between the hours of 11am-4pm, when the sun is effective, one should not go outside as much as possible, and when going outside, one should make sure to protect oneself from the effects of the sun. In addition to wearing a hat, clothing that absorbs moisture, is light-colored and allows the body to breathe is preferable. Since the body loses excess water and salt with moisture and heat, care should be taken to ensure adequate water consumption. Avoid excess fat and meat consumption. Instead of heavy meals, care should be taken to eat light, fruit and vegetable based diets. In particular, smoking and caffeine that cause a heart attack should not be consumed. Moving quickly from a hot environment to an air-conditioned environment, especially when we are sweaty, can both increase the risk of heart attack in heart patients and cause cold and flu infections. Therefore, when entering an air-conditioned room, care must be taken that the temperature of the air-conditioning is at least 20 °C. He used his expressions.

Correct intervention saves lives

According to Prof. Dr. It doesn’t work”, “Time is very important during a crisis. When symptoms appear, the patient should be removed from the warm environment and taken to a cool place and taken to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. If the patient is in a very bad condition, the emergency services 112 should be called immediately. While waiting for the ambulance, the person who has had a heart attack should be placed in a suitable place and breathing should be facilitated. The body circulation should be relaxed by loosening tight clothing. Raising the feet above the level of the heart should provide more blood flow to the heart. If the patient vomits, his head should be tilted to the side so that it does not enter the trachea.

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