Hot Weather Nutrition Alert From Experts! It must be consumed…

Dietician Rozelin Aslan warned citizens that many changes occur in the body with the rise in temperatures in the summer months. Aslan states that fluid loss occurs through sweating to maintain body temperature at normal levels in the summer months: “Approximately 2.5 liters of water are lost from the body daily through various means.

These losses must be compensated with different drinks. To meet our liquid requirement, which reaches about 2-2.5 liters, we must first consume liquids such as water, milk, ayran, tea, lemonade, fruit juices. Since minerals such as sodium and potassium are also excreted from the body due to excessive sweating at high temperatures, symptoms of weakness, weak pulse, fatigue and circulatory disorders can be observed. Salty buttermilk should be consumed to prevent sodium loss, and plenty of fruits and vegetables should be consumed to prevent potassium loss. Instead of sour and carbonated drinks, milk, ayran, freshly squeezed fruit juices, herbal teas and fruit teas can be preferred.

Underlining that foods such as yogurt and ayran should be consumed up to 2-3 glasses of water a day to protect the body’s defense system, Aslan said: “Due to malnutrition, problems arise due to excessive consumption of refined sugar, fruit juices and sweets. Not only to eat, but to consume with oily protein yogurt, oily walnuts will prevent diabetes. Fatty and doughy foods consumed in the summer months cause fatigue, headaches and blood pressure in the body in extreme heat.

For this reason, we should avoid foods such as heavy pastries, dumplings and fried foods, especially on hot summer days. In the warmer months it is beneficial to reduce fat as much as possible. Instead of frying, you can prefer grilling, steaming, boiling or baking in the oven. If you want to fry vegetables, you can mix them with very little oil, fry and add yogurt to the taste of frying.

When cooking a kilogram of vegetables, two tablespoons of oil should be used. In addition, make sure to consume enough vegetables, salads and fruits to increase your body’s resistance. Fruits and vegetables are the food groups we should prioritize in a healthy diet because of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they contain. With the consumption of vegetables we can meet our general water needs. It affects our gut health with the amount of pulp, so it will benefit our general health. In addition, due to the sugar content of fruits, it will also reduce sweet cravings as it will satisfy our sweet cravings.

Aslan stated that products made from wholemeal flour should be preferred when selecting bread, saying: “You can prefer rye and oats. Limit rice and pasta and try to make them low in fat. Soups can be hot in summer We may prefer the summer soups like cold ayran soup Again, by increasing our physical activity in the summer months (brisk walking and swimming) we can get rid of the excess weight we have gained in the winter months. way we protect our bones, muscles and heart health,” he said.

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