How do I change the background of PowerPoint image?

When creating a PowerPoint presentation, choosing the right background can greatly increase the impact of your presentation. One way to go beyond the traditional white background and create a compelling and compelling presentation is to use an image background. With the tools and possibilities that PowerPoint offers, you can create a background that accurately reflects the atmosphere and message of your presentation.

How do I change the background of PowerPoint image?

  • Open a blank Microsoft Powerpoint page.
  • Click “Add” in the menus above.
  • Select and add the image you want to change the back of.
  • Once the image is uploaded, click the “Remove Background” option at the top.

Changing the picture background in PowerPoint may seem like a complicated or confusing process to some users. No problem! In this article, you will learn the simple steps to change the background of a PowerPoint image. You have the information you need to add some visual appeal and professionalism to your presentations.

When you’re ready, let’s move on to our step-by-step guide to transforming the background of your PowerPoint presentations. You’ll learn how to add background images, how to edit them, and how to get the best results. Now is the time to make your presentations extraordinary and impress your audience!

1. Select Add

First back Powerpoint Open the program and select “Add” in the top right corner.

2. Press the Pictures button

How do I change the background of PowerPoint image?

Then press the “Pictures” tab in the top left corner of the image on your computer. PowerPoint upload it to your page.

3. Click Remove Background

How do I change the background of PowerPoint image?

Click on the image and completely clean the background of the image by clicking the “Remove Background” option in the top left corner.

In what areas is PowerPoint used?

How do I change the background of PowerPoint image?

PowerPoint is a powerful tool that allows you to create creative and impressive presentations. Its wide range of features and ease of use has made PowerPoint the program of choice in many different areas. You can use PowerPoint to make your presentations engaging, visually convey information, and impress your audience. So, what areas is PowerPoint used in? Here are some examples:


PowerPoint can no longer be ignored in business presentations. It is a widely used tool for meetings, presentations, business plans and marketing materials. PowerPoint offers a variety of templates, graphics, animations, and slide transitions to professionally design business presentations and communicate information effectively.


In education, PowerPoint is a common tool for teachers to support their lessons, present information to students, and make topics easier to understand. PowerPoint slides are ideal for capturing students’ attention and explaining topics more effectively using visuals, images, and videos.

Academic Presentations

Among students, researchers and academics, PowerPoint is a common tool at conferences, seminars and academic presentations. PowerPoint provides features such as charts, tables, and slide transitions that are used to present complex information in a simple and understandable way, visualize data, and streamline presentation.

Advertising and marketing

PowerPoint is also a common tool in advertising and marketing. Businesses use PowerPoint to promote their products or services, create sales presentations, inform customers, and convey brand messages. It is possible to effectively reach the target audience by creating visually impressive slides.

Project management

PowerPoint also excels as a tool for presenting project progress and results. Project managers use PowerPoint to visually represent project phases, objectives, processes and results. Project presentations are an important communication tool for informing stakeholders, guiding team members and monitoring project progress.

Benefits of using PowerPoint

How do I change the background of PowerPoint image?

PowerPoint is an effective way to create presentations and convey information visually. This powerful tool can make your presentations more professional, impressive and understandable by offering various benefits. Here are some benefits of using PowerPoint:

Visual interaction

PowerPoint allows you to use visual elements through slides. Visual elements such as photos, graphics, videos, and diagrams help grab the audience’s attention and make your presentation look compelling. Visual content improves understanding of information and makes it easier for the audience to interact with your presentation.

Organization and configuration

PowerPoint allows you to organize and structure your presentations. Slides can be divided into sections such as titles and subtitles, and the page layout and slide order can be adjusted. This ensures that your presentation has a logical flow and the audience can follow the information better.

Animation and transition effects

PowerPoint allows you to add animations and transition effects to your slides. These features enliven your presentation and grab the audience’s attention. You can use animations and transition effects to gradually reveal content, emphasize key points, or smooth transitions.

Data visualization

PowerPoint allows you to create charts, tables, and diagrams. These features allow you to visualize data and present it to the public in a more understandable way. Visually displaying statistics, trends, or comparisons can make the information more eye-catching and memorable.

Templates and design tools

PowerPoint offers easy-to-use templates and design tools. You can create professional-looking presentations using ready-made templates or create your own designs. Color palettes, fonts and layout options help you create visual harmony for your presentation and reflect your brand identity.

What should I pay attention to when adding a background image?

When choosing a background image, choose one that is not distracting and harmonizes with the content of your presentation. Also, make sure that the text and images on it are easy to read.

How can I crop the background of the photo?

You can use the image editing tools in PowerPoint to crop the background of the image. Right-click on the image, select “Edit Image” and you can crop the image using the editing tools that appear.

How can I set the transparency of the background image?

To set the transparency of the background image, right-click on the image and select “Format Image”. You can then adjust the transparency of the image to your liking using the “Image Transparency” setting.

How can I change the background color in PowerPoint?

To change the background color, go to the “Design” tab in your PowerPoint presentation and click “Background Color.” You can then change the background color by choosing a color suitable for your presentation.

Can I use a different background image on a slide?

Yes, you can use different background images between slides in PowerPoint. Right-click on the slide, select “Background” and then choose “Slide Background” or “Slide Layout” to apply the desired background.

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