How do you care for a cat? Cat care requirements

Cats, being cute and adorable by nature, are among the most preferred choices as pets. Having cats, along with their pampering and playful nature, can add color to your home and increase your responsibilities. You need to take some precautions to care for your cat and ensure that it lives a healthy, happy and enjoyable life. For this reason, it is very important to be knowledgeable about cat care, understand their needs, and adopt proper grooming practices. In this article, we’ve gathered the information you need to know about cat care.

General information about cat care

When you adopt a cat, you begin to share your life with a sweet creature that you will accept as a new member of the household. However, cats are sensitive animals and need proper care and nutrition. Before you begin cat care, there are some basics you should know.

Nutrition: Your cat needs a balanced diet to be healthy and happy. Since cats are carnivores, they need high protein foods. Create an appropriate feeding schedule for your cat with commercial cat food, homemade food or mixed food options. Also, make sure your cat always has access to clean drinking water.

Cleanliness: It is important to provide a clean living space for your cat. Clean their toilets regularly and keep them hygienic. Your cat’s hair can grow back, so provide regular grooming with depilatory brushes.

Veterinary care: You should take your cat to the vet regularly. It is important to have vaccinations, antiparasitic treatments, dental cleanings and health checks. If you think your cat has health problems, contact your vet immediately.

Exercise: Your cat needs exercise. Provide resources for activities such as toys to play with, climbing trees, and tunnel toys. Support both mental and physical health by setting aside playtime for your cat.

Safety: Your cat’s safety is very important. Keep harmful plants and chemicals out of the house. Also create a suitable safe living environment for your cat. For example, take safety measures to prevent falls through open windows or balconies.

Cat food

How to care for a cat

Since cats are carnivores, they need a high protein diet. However, cats may have different nutritional needs due to changing living conditions and health issues. Therefore, it is very important for your cat’s health to know some basics about cat nutrition.

What to give in cat food

  • Egg white: The most important food for cats is protein food. Choose a diet of high-quality protein sources such as meat and fish for your cat. High-quality cat food contains all the nutrients your cat needs.
  • This: It is important to ensure that your cat always has access to clean water. If your cat is dehydrated, he may develop health problems such as kidney problems and urinary tract infections. Clean your cat’s drinking bowl regularly and add fresh water.
  • Oil: Another important nutrient that cats need is fat. Oil is important for the health of your cat’s skin and coat. However, feeding your cat food that is too fatty can lead to obesity, so choose a diet with a balanced fat content.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamins and minerals are also necessary to keep your cat healthy. So make sure your cat gets enough vitamins A, C, E, D, K, B1, B6, B12 and folic acid and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and selenium.

What should not be given in cat food

  • Milk and dairy products: Cats can be lactose intolerant, so don’t offer milk and dairy products. They can cause digestive problems and diarrhea.
  • Spicy, fatty and salty foods: Spicy, fatty and salty foods can be harmful to your cat’s digestive system. These types of foods can cause excessive acid production in your cat’s stomach and can cause stomach upset in the long run.
  • Onion and Garlic: Onions and garlic cause your cat’s red blood cells to break down. This can cause your cat to get dangerous diseases.

Selection and cleaning of cat litter

How to care for a cat

Selecting and cleaning the right cat litter for your cat is important for your cat to live a healthy life. Cat litter is a material that your cat will use when urinating and defecating. That’s why choosing the right litter box and cleaning it regularly keeps both your cat and your home clean. In this article, we discuss what you need to know about choosing and cleaning cat litter.

Selection of cat litter

  • Type of cat litter: Types of cat litter include pine sawdust, clay, crystal and silica sand. Choose a litter box based on your cat’s preferences and needs. Crystal sands absorb more liquid, while silica sands can be less dusty. Clay litter is considered a natural option, as is dust that may remain on the cat’s paws.
  • odor control: Cat litter is important to prevent unpleasant odors in the house. Cat urine smells bad over time, so the choice of cat litter is important for odor control. Some cat litter brands contain special formulas to prevent odors.
  • Quality cat litter: The quality of the cat litter is important, it reduces dust production and protects your cat’s airways. Dusty cat litter can be harmful to your cat’s health and can cause asthma or other respiratory problems. High-quality cat litter ensures low dust production and protects your cat’s airways.

Cat litter cleaning

  • Regular cleaning: Cleaning the cat litter regularly will keep your home clean and ensure that your cat lives in a healthy environment. Change your cat’s urine and feces regularly and thoroughly clean the litter box once a week.
  • Cleaning the litter box: Regular cleaning of the litter box will keep your cat in a clean and hygienic environment. Wash and dry the litter box after each cleaning. Also check to see if the litter box is frayed or cracked.

Grooming and combing cats

How to care for a cat

Your cat’s coat needs regular grooming to keep it looking healthy and shiny. Whether your cat has long or short hair, regular grooming can reduce shedding and keep skin healthy.


While cats are generally believed to clean themselves, sometimes extra help may be needed. Before bathing your cat, wet your cat’s fur with a suitable cat shampoo. Then massage the shampoo into your cat’s coat and rinse well. Use a soft towel to dry your cat’s fur.


Brushing your cat’s coat regularly will keep the coat shiny and prevent shedding. If your cat is short-haired, brushing once or twice a week may be sufficient. However, long-haired cat breeds should be brushed once a day or every other day. When brushing, try to remove pinched or knotted hairs.


Cat shedding is a natural process. However, sometimes your cat may shed more than usual. In this case, it may be helpful to comb your cat’s hair regularly with a groomer. Furrying can reduce shedding, especially if your cat spends a lot of time outside.

Scan frequency

How often you should comb your cat’s hair depends on your cat’s breed and hair length. Long-haired cats need to be brushed more often. Short-haired cats, on the other hand, can comb less often. Talk to your vet about your cat’s coat to find out how often to comb it.

Necessary materials for cat care

How to care for a cat

Providing the best care for your cat will keep it healthy and happy. For this it is important to take care of the necessary materials for cat care.

Food storage box

Choose a food bowl that is the right size for your cat. In general, food containers made of stainless steel, ceramic or plastic are preferred. All of these can be easily cleaned and sterilized. It is also important that the bowl is designed to suit your cat’s eating habits.

water container

You should also choose the right size water bowl for your cat. It is important that the drinking bowl is suitable for the size of your cat and is easy to clean. Fill the water tank with fresh water daily and clean it regularly.

Cat litter

Choosing the right litter box for your cat depends on your cat’s toilet habits and your cleaning habits. In general, clay or crystalline cat litters are preferred. Choose a cat litter that suits your cat’s toilet habits and clean it regularly.

Cat hair care supplies

Combs, brushes and a hair tool are necessary to keep your cat’s coat healthy. Depending on your cat’s breed and hair length, you may need different types of combs and brushes. Brush your cat’s coat regularly and reduce shedding with a groomer.


Play is important for your cat to stay healthy and mentally stimulated. Choose different toys for your cat, such as cat hair, balls or string. Playing with your cat can help you build a strong bond with your cat.

Cat carrier bag

A cat carrier is essential for transporting your cat during vet visits or travel. It is important that the cat bed is comfortable and safe. Choose a carrier bag that is suitable for the size of your cat.

Cat exercises and games

How to care for a cat

Cats are active and active animals by nature. Therefore, you should regularly cater to their exercise and play needs. Your cat needs to be exercised and mentally stimulated to stay healthy and happy. In this article I tell you what you need to know about cat exercises and games.

Exercise needs

Cats need exercise to live a healthy life. Ideally, it is recommended that a cat exercise between 20 and 30 minutes a day. The benefits of exercising include weight management, muscle building, increased energy and less stress.

Play indoors

If your cat lives indoors, there are many games he can play at home. For example, a cat tunnel, rattle, cuddly toy, climbing tree, ladders and a slippery floor are many things your cat can play with. By playing with your cat and giving him different toys, you stimulate him both physically and mentally.

Outdoor games

If you let your cat go outside, you can also provide outdoor toys. A controlled space, such as a secure yard or enclosed balcony, can provide an excellent exercise and play environment for your cat. The shrubs, sandbox and trees in the garden are fun and interesting places for your cat to explore.

Exercise routine

It is important to establish an exercise routine for your cat. By playing at a set time each day, your cat can energize and manage your time better. During exercise, you can reward your cat to keep her excitement and attention high.

What foods should be given for cat food?

Choose a high-quality cat food for your cat’s diet. You need to choose the right food based on the stage of life. Be careful not to feed your cats human food.

How should I clean the cat litter?

Clean the cat litter several times a day. Once a week is enough to completely replace the sand. Cleaning and replacing the cat litter is very important for the health and hygiene of cats.

How should I comb my cat’s hair?

Brush your cat’s coat regularly. This not only keeps the hair neat and shiny, but also prevents the formation of hairballs. Brush your cats more often, especially during shedding.

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