How do you do Lily Collins makeup? Detailed explanation

How do you do Lily Collins makeup?

Lily Collins’ beauty routine, especially her makeup, always draws attention. Collins, who generally prefers a natural and sophisticated look, pays attention to fine details in her makeup. If you want to do a natural and sophisticated makeup like Lily Collins, you can follow the steps below.


Cleanse and moisturize your face before applying makeup. This makes the makeup stay in place better and your skin looks healthier.


Lily Collins uses a base to increase the durability of her makeup. Choose your makeup base according to your skin’s needs. Some mattify the skin, while others hydrate the skin.


Collins often uses a light foundation to achieve a natural look. Choose your foundation according to your skin’s needs and apply it evenly on your face.


You can use concealer to cover blemishes on your skin. Collins often uses concealer to remove dark circles under the eyes. Choose your concealer according to your skin’s needs and apply it evenly on your face.


To increase the durability of your makeup and prevent shine, apply powder to the T-zone of your face. Collins prefers a light, matte powder.

Eye makeup

Collins often uses natural shades of eye shadow. Apply some eyeshadow to your eyelid and intensify it layer by layer. Then apply a thin eyeliner to your eyelashes and apply mascara to your eyelashes.


Collins usually prefers a natural shade of lipstick or lip balm. You can use lip balm to make your lips look moist and full.


Lily Collins’ cheeks are usually a natural shade of pink. You can get a healthy and vibrant look by applying a light blush or bronzer to your cheeks.

What products does Lily Collins use in her makeup?


Lily Collins usually prefers natural tones and light products in her everyday makeup. In this way, it makes the skin look healthy and radiant. So, what products do you use to achieve this look? Here are some of the products Lily Collins used in her makeup:

Facial Cleanser: Lily Collins cleanses and moisturizes her skin every day. Prefers cleansing gels or foams. She chooses a special facial cleanser based on her skin type.

Moisturizer: Lily Collins uses a moisturizer to maintain the skin’s moisture balance. Prefers natural and organic moisturizers.

Makeup Base: Uses makeup base to increase the durability of makeup. Usually prefer mattifying bases.

Foundation: Collins prefers light foundations for a light and natural look. Use BB creams or foundations with a light coverage.

Concealer: It uses concealer to remove dark circles under the eyes. It also uses concealer to cover blemishes on the skin. She prefers concealers in natural shades.

Powder: She applies powder to the T-zone of her face to increase the durability of her makeup and prevent shine. Prefers light and matte powders.

What are the secrets in Lily Collins makeup?


Lily Collins is a famous actress who has many fans for her beauty and style. Collins, who has a style all her own, also draws attention with her make-up. So what are the secrets in Lily Collins’ makeup? Here are the makeup tips that add beauty to Collins’ beauty:

Natural looking skin

One of the most striking things about Lily Collins’ makeup is her natural-looking skin. Her skin always looks smooth and radiant. To achieve this natural look, Collins moisturizes her skin and uses a primer before applying foundation. The primer evens out the skin tone and ensures that the make-up stays put all day.

Dark eyebrows

Lily Collins’ eyebrows are one of her most distinctive features on her face. Collins always takes care of his eyebrows and naturally has thick and dark eyebrows. She combs her eyebrows neatly and uses eyebrow pencil or powder to define them.

Brightness in the eyes

Lily Collins accentuates her eye makeup to bring out the natural beauty of her eyes. She uses black or brown eyeliner to make her eyes look bigger. It also makes your eyes look brighter by applying a light-colored eyeshadow on the eyelids.

Natural Lips

Lily Collins prefers natural-looking lips. She applies a nude or light-colored lipstick to her lips and uses lip liner to make the lips appear fuller.


Lily Collins uses the contouring technique in her makeup. She uses a dark contouring powder to define the bottom of her cheeks. This makes the face slimmer and more defined.

What brands are recommended for Lily Collins makeup?


Lily Collins always amazes with her natural and elegant makeup. However, what makeup products she uses, her fans also wonder. So, what brands are recommended for Lily Collins makeup? Here are Collins’ favorite makeup brands:

1. Lancome

Lily Collins usually uses Lancôme in her makeup. She especially likes Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation and Monsieur Big Mascara. Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation gives the skin a natural look and attracts attention with its durability throughout the day. Monsieur Big Mascara, on the other hand, fills and lengthens the lashes.

2.Charlotte Tilbury

Lily Collins also prefers the Charlotte Tilbury brand in her makeup. The movie star is especially fond of Hollywood Flawless Filter and Magic Cream. Hollywood Flawless Filter gives shine to the skin and provides a radiant appearance. Magic Cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

3. Stories

Lily Collins also often uses the Nars brand in her makeup. She prefers Nars Contour Blush Duo to define her face. This product defines facial features and gives a natural color to the skin.


Lily Collins also likes Dior’s Lip Glow in her makeup. Lip Glow moisturizes the lips and gives a light color. This product is the ideal choice to complete Lily Collins’ natural lip makeup.


Finally, Lily Collins also uses the Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara brand in her makeup. This product makes the eyelashes fuller and lengthens them. In addition, it draws attention with its all-day durability as it is water resistant.

How to do Lily Collins makeup?

Lily Collins’ makeup is done with products of her choice to create a natural and elegant look. Usually she uses a light foundation, blush, a natural colored lipstick and a mascara that defines the lashes. The focal point of her makeup is usually her eyes and eyebrows.

What makeup brands does Lily Collins use?

Lily Collins generally prefers Lancôme, Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Dior and Chanel brands in her makeup.

How do you do Lily Collins eye makeup?

Lily Collins usually uses brown eyeshadow to define her eyes and applies mascara to define her lashes. She can also use black eyeliner to accentuate her eyes even more.

What blush does Lily Collins use?

Lily Collins often uses Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk blush.

How are Lily Collins’ eyebrows formed?

Lily Collins eyebrows have a natural and thick shape. The shape of the eyebrows is determined in accordance with the facial features and is usually defined using eyebrow pencil and eyebrow gel.

How does Lily Collins’ skin look well-groomed and radiant?

Lily Collins regularly moisturizes and applies sunscreen to keep her skin looking well-groomed and radiant. She also regularly uses facial cleansers and toners to keep her skin clear.

How does Lily Collins keep her natural lip color?

Lily Collins often uses a lightly tinted lip balm or moisturizer to maintain her natural lip color. Even when using a colored lipstick, it is applied in a thin layer so as not to lose the natural lip color.

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