How do you get full and young lips?

One of the most important parts of shaping the face and creating a beautiful image are the lips. Plump and smooth lips are very important for a beautiful and youthful appearance. However, with advancing age, an undesirable appearance such as thinning of the lips and the appearance of wrinkles can occur.

Thanks to current technological methods, the lip area can be corrected both with and without surgery. Permanent or temporary lip surgeries can be performed according to the person’s preference.

Temporary filler injection is one of the most preferred methods by people who like the shape of their lips but don’t think they have the desired fullness in their lips.

To achieve long-lasting effective results, various applications with surgical methods can be considered.

The results of lip surgery differ according to the anatomical features of the people. The application is determined based on the desired change in the lips and the location and size of these changes. Thanks to various techniques, it is possible to enlarge, thicken or thin the lips. Correction of the point called eros arc, located on the upper edge of the upper lip, plays an important role in lip surgery.

Before applying lip surgery, a design is made that is suitable for the facial structure. Then the touches to be applied to the lips are determined and applied according to the desired procedure. After this point, the lip is numbed according to the size and method of surgery. The duration of lip aesthetics, an extremely painless procedure, also varies depending on the desired result. However, some operations may need to be repeated. For example, the average durability of lip fillers is 6-12 months. This period may be longer depending on the patient and various criteria.

There are certain methods of shaping the lips under the desired image. Available methods include applying the inner part of the lip mucosa by moving it outward. While this method is permanent, it does not provide the desired fullness.

Fat injection can be used to increase lip thickness. Tendon tissues can be used in this application depending on the demand of the person. The adipose tissue is placed in the form of a strip on the lower part of the skin and the inner part of the lip.

Permanent lip augmentation is one of the most technologically used methods today. It stands out as an effective method of removing wrinkles around the lips, plumping and shaping thin lips, and creating a permanent, natural look.

Ice should be applied regularly after lip surgery. In addition, the lips should be moistened with creams and restriction of lip movement should be kept to a minimum. On average, the swelling subsides within 10 or 15 days and the person can easily return to their social life. Infection, bleeding, herpes or asymmetry problems are among the problems that can occur.

However, with the right technique, lip surgery by a specialist plastic surgery can prevent all of these problems. As a result, the person can achieve the desired fullness of the lips; You can have a chance to evaluate for a long time.

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