How is arm paralysis in newborns treated?

Dr. Dr. Beyhan Yenerkol said the incidence is higher in high birth weight babies. Claim that due to the damage to one of the neural networks due to force during birth, the clinical appearance changes in accordance with the severity of the injury. Yenerkol said: “If the upper parts of the net are damaged, babies cannot move their shoulders. They have difficulty extending and rotating their arms. It has low shoulders and is described as a tipping hand. there is usually no activity in the arm at birth, hand and finger movements may begin within weeks If only the lower part of the net is damaged, there is weakness in the hand and wrist and shoulder and arm movements are usually preserved. damage to the network is weakness in shoulder, arm, hand and wrist movements Claw hand, laxity and lack of feeling in the arm are common.

After 2 weeks, the physiotherapy program is determined.

Claiming that the clinical course differs depending on the severity of the injury and the degree of involvement, physical therapy and rehabilitation specialist Dr. Beyhan Yenerkol said: “Spontaneous recovery is observed in 80 percent of cases in the first 3 months. Full recovery is observed in 60-70 percent of patients. Mild weakness is seen in 11 percent, moderate weakness in 9 percent, and severe weakness in 14 percent of patients. Dr. Yenerkol, in cases that can be diagnosed immediately after birth; Stating that the arm should be rested for 1-2 weeks due to edema and possible bleeding into the nerve and surrounding tissues, he said: “If there is a fracture or injury to the collarbone, caution should be exercised. To avoid tension on the nerve for the first 2 weeks keep the arm hanging, the arm slightly to the side and the elbow slightly bent After 2 weeks after a comprehensive physiotherapy specialist evaluation, exercise practices should be started. Goal; maintaining the normal range of motion of the joints, preventing joint stiffness and muscle weakness.

Rehabilitation is important in arm paralysis

Declare that in addition to the exercises in rehabilitation, various physiotherapeutic applications such as apparatus and electrotherapy, occupational therapy may be required when necessary. Yenerkol said, “Surgical applications can be used if the intended functions are not achieved despite the effective rehabilitation program.”

Be careful when holding and bathing the baby.

Dr. Beyhan Yenerkol said: “The baby lying on his back should be held with his arm raised slightly to the side and his elbow slightly bent. This position can be achieved by placing a thin and small pillow under the shoulder and arm and attaching the arm of the baby’s undershirt to the chest. When dressing, the affected arm is first put on and then removed again,’ he says.

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