How is bad breath transmitted? 10 natural recommendations for deodorizing

Natural and herbal products that relieve bad breath

Bad breath is a condition that disturbs both the person himself and those around him. Bad breath, which can occur for a variety of reasons, is usually caused by gum disease and caries. However, it should not be forgotten that bad breath can be a harbinger of many diseases. In addition, factors such as smoking, sinusitis, inadequate oral hygiene, and indigestion can cause bad breath. What causes bad breath for detailed information on the subject? access by clicking on the link.

List of Best Bad Breath Products

Order Products benefit APPLICATION
An Wise Good for gums by drinking
2 Clove Inhibits germs Chew
3 Aloe vera Good for heartburn by drinking
4 Cinnamon Prevents bacteria formation Mouthwash
5 Fennel Relieves odor Chew
6 Sodium carbonate Immediate effect Mouthwash
7 Lemon juice Prevents odor Mouthwash
8 Yogurt Kills bacteria Food
9 Parsley and Mint Protects your gums by drinking
10 This Reduces enormously by drinking

Here are the herbal remedies at home that can cure bad breath…

1. Sage

Sage, which is very effective against the problem of bad breath, is mainly used against bad breath caused by gingivitis and other gum diseases. Sage contains essential oils with antibacterial properties. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it is very effective in fighting bacteria. In addition, sage has a very strong antioxidant content. Thanks to all these properties, it not only eliminates bad breath, but also fights the underlying causes.

2. Cloves

Natural ways to relieve bad breath

Clove, one of the first plants that comes to mind when it comes to bad breath, is one of the most effective herbal remedies for bad breath. Clove, which has a pungent smell and taste, is very effective against bacteria and microbes due to its antioxidant and antiseptic properties. Thanks to this feature, it prevents the reproduction of bacteria and microbes. Today, many restaurants offer clove granules after a meal. Clove, which is one-to-one against the problem of bad breath, also benefits the digestive system. You can chew clove granules or make tea with clove powder and consume it. However, chewing clove granules should be avoided for a long time. Otherwise, it may cause irritation in your mouth.

3. Aloe Vera

Natural ways to relieve bad breath

Widely used and described as a source of healing, aloe vera has a wide variety of uses. Aloe vera is known for its contributions to skin health and is also very effective against bad breath. Aloe vera, which contains an anti-inflammatory and gastric acid regulating chemical called “b-sitosterol”, eliminates the problem of bad breath caused by diseases of the digestive system. You can use aloe vera, which is very effective against digestive system diseases such as reflux and indigestion, which are the main causes of bad breath, by diluting it with water. To do this, dissolve a quarter cup of pure aloe vera extract by adding half a glass of water and drink it. In this way, you can eliminate bad breath by minimizing gastritis acid that causes bad breath.

4. Cinnamon

Natural ways to relieve bad breath

Cinnamon, which has a pleasant smell, is one of the must-have kitchens. Cinnamon, which contains an average of 50 aromatic components, prevents the formation of bacteria in the mouth and fights bad breath. You can add cinnamon to your meals or use it as a mouthwash. Add a tablespoon of cinnamon to a liter of water and boil it and gargle after the mixture has cooled. In this way, you can prevent the formation of bacteria in the mouth and eliminate bad smell.

5. Fennel

Natural ways to relieve bad breath

Fennel is one of the most effective remedies for bad breath. You can apply it by chewing it. It is both practical and one of the best ways to get rid of bad breath.

6. Carbonate

Natural ways to relieve bad breath

You can use baking soda as a remedy for bad breath. However, the way you use it is important. How works? Very easy. Pour it in lukewarm water and gargle. This was the first method. The second is to use baking soda instead of toothpaste. Soaking and brushing, it’s that easy.

7. Lemon juice

Natural ways to relieve bad breath

The acidic effect of lemon juice helps destroy bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, mixing lemon juice with a glass of water once a day is one of the effective ways to gargle and get rid of bad breath.

8. Yogurt

Natural ways to relieve bad breath

When foods and drinks rich in probiotics are consumed regularly, yogurt is the richest of them. You can be sure that it will reduce bad breath. It is good to eat at least one bowl of yogurt a day.

9. Parsley and Mint

Natural ways to relieve bad breath

Chlorophyll in plants such as parsley leaves and mint kills bacteria in the oral cavity. Therefore, it is one of the foods that can be a solution to your bad breath problem.

10. Water

Natural ways to relieve bad breath

Drinking water regularly and abundantly is effective in reducing bad breath. Drinking plenty of water in particular helps prevent salivary halitosis.

Best Oral care products List

Order Products Effect Neoldu Score
An Listerine cool mint Instantly reduces odor 10/10
2 Sensodyne cool mint Refreshed 10/9.8
3 Oral-B Repair of gums and enamel Kills bacteria 10/9.9

Deodorizing mouthwash products

Look below for quality products that kill the bacteria in your mouth and get rid of your bad breath completely.

1. Listerine Mouthwash Cool Mint

Oral care products

Cool Mint mouthwash produced by Listerine, one of the leading brands in oral and dental care, eliminates bad odors in the mouth. In addition, you can cure the problems that occur in the gums thanks to Listerine mouthwash.

2. Sensodyne Cool Mint Mouthwash

Oral care products

Thanks to its menthol freshness, this product, which prevents bad breath and allows you to breathe comfortably, also eliminates sensitivity problems. Sensodyne mouthwash, which retains its protective effect for a long time, also cares for the gums and prevents infections.

3. Oral-B Gum and Enamel Repair Mouthwash

Oral care products

Known for its gum and enamel restorative effect, Oral-b mouthwash also eliminates the sensitivity problem with its special formula. This product, which kills germs in the mouth from the first use, also eliminates the risk of infection and inflammation.

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