How many calories are in which drink?

Alcohol consumption is widespread all over the world and is part of social life for many people. However, a high calorie intake may be unavoidable with alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a toxic substance that has an effect on metabolism and cannot be immediately burned by the body, so if consumed in excess, it can be stored in the body as fat. In addition, many drinks can cause weight gain due to their high calorie content. Therefore, it is extremely important to consider the calorie content of drinks while consuming drinks.

In this article, you will learn in detail about the calorie content of popular drinks such as beer, wine, spirits and cocktails. A conscious approach to alcohol consumption is important for both health and weight management. So, “How many calories in which drink?” Keep reading to find the answer.

Calorie Quantity List of drinks

Order Drink Portion Amount Calorie ratio
An Beer 33cl 150-200 calories
2 Wine 15 cl 120-150 calories
3 Vodka 4cl 100 Stay
4 Rum 4cl 100-110 Cal
5 Tequila 4cl 100 Stay
6 Liqueur 4cl 120-140 calories
7 Chinese 4cl 110 Stay
8 Martini 10cl 140 Stay
9 Whiskey 4cl 100 Stay
10 Raki 60 ml 120-150 calories

Calorie ratio of alcohols

1. Beer

Beer is the most popular among the alcoholic drinks. However, the very popular beer has a high calorie content. A 33cl beer contains about 150-200 calories. In addition, most beers contain a lot of carbohydrates. For this reason, it is necessary not to overdo it when consuming beer.

2. Wine

Calories in alcohols

While wine is preferred by many people for its taste and health benefits, it is also an indispensable drink for special occasions. However, wine also belongs to the alcoholic beverages with a high calorie content. A 15 cl wine contains about 120-150 calories.

3. Vodka

Calories in alcohols

Vodka is one of the drinks with a high alcohol content. However, despite its high alcohol content, it is preferred by many due to its low calorie content. 4 cl of vodka contains about 100 calories.

4. Rum

Calories in alcohols

Rum is the main ingredient in mixed drinks and cocktails. Rum is often preferred for evening entertainment and should be consumed with caution as it is high in calories. 4 cl of rum contains about 100-110 calories.

5. Tequila

Calories in alcohols

Tequila is preferred by many people who enjoy alcohol and care about their shape due to its low calorie content. 4cl of tequila contains about 100 calories.

6. Strong drinks

Calories in alcohols

Because liqueurs are sweet alcohols, they are quite high in calories. 4cl liqueur contains about 120-140 calories.

7. Spirit

Calories in alcohols

Gin is preferred by many for its taste. However, the high calorie content can get in the way of the taste. 4 cl of gin contains about 110 calories.

8. Martinis

Calories in alcohols

Martini, one of the must-have drinks of cocktails, is a high-calorie alcohol. Even a 10 cl martini contains about 140 calories. For this reason, it should be consumed with caution.

9. Whiskey

Calories in alcohols

Whiskey is the choice of almost all alcohol lovers due to its low calorie content and delicious taste. 4 cl of whiskey contains about 100 calories.

10. Raki

Calories in alcohols

Raki is a popular drink in Turkey. However, the calorie content of raki can vary depending on the amount of consumption and the mixed drinks. A raki drink is usually prepared with 30 ml of raki and some water. According to these measurements, a glass of raki (60 ml) contains about 120-150 calories.

One of the factors that increase the calorie content of raki drinks is mixed drinks. For example, raki and fruit juice can be a mixture that increases the calorie content. Therefore, while consuming raki, it is important to avoid mixed drinks and only mix them with water to control the amount of calories ingested.

Drinking raki can also increase the calorie content of the snacks consumed. Food consumed as an appetizer is usually high in calories and fat. Therefore, for a healthy lifestyle, it is important to control your calorie intake while consuming raki.

Does drinking beer increase my calorie intake?

Yes, beer is high in calories and can increase calorie intake if consumed in excess. A 33cl beer contains about 150-200 calories.

Which drink has the lowest calorie content?

Vodka is preferred by many because of its low calorie content. 4 cl of vodka contains about 100 calories.

What is the effect of alcohol consumption on body weight?

Alcohol consumption can increase body weight. That’s why it’s important to control your calorie intake while you drink.

Do low-alcohol drinks have fewer calories?

No, the calorie content of low-alcohol drinks should not be less. For example, a bottle of beer and a glass of wine may contain the same amount of alcohol, but beer may have a higher calorie content.

How much should I drink while consuming alcohol?

Alcohol consumption varies depending on a person’s age, gender, health condition and alcohol tolerance. In general, the maximum recommended daily intake of alcohol is one glass (14 grams of alcohol) for women and two glasses (28 grams of alcohol) for men. Drinking more can cause health problems and weight gain.

How can I reduce my calorie intake while drinking?

You can choose low-calorie drinks. Instead of cocktails with a high sugar content, you can also prepare cocktails with less sugar. Soft drinks can also be an option. In addition, you can avoid overeating or snacking by making sure you stay full before having a drink.

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