How to burn bay leaf? What is the use of burning bay leaf, what is it good for?

How to burn bay leaf?

After the end of the bay leaf is burned, it is stored in a copper or plastic container. Being a dry plant by nature, it is enough to burn 2 or 3 Mediterranean laurels, which burn easily.

Instead of directly inhaling the fumes from the burning leaf, you can place the leaf with the container in the middle of the room. This way the smoke can first spread to the whole room and then to the whole house. This allows the entire energy of the house to change in just 10-15 minutes.

Note: Incense and candles can also be burned with bay leaves. While the candle draws out the excess smoke in the room, incense also allows you to relax mentally and psychologically.

What does burning a bay leaf do?

1- It reduces the risk of depression:

According to experts, burning a bay leaf once or twice a week can halve the symptoms of anxiety that cause depression. Like aloe vera, bay leaves remove bad energy in the home and make people feel much happier.

2- Increases the body’s resistance:

The leaves of Mediterranean bay, which are rich in copper, potassium and calcium, reduce the risk of winter diseases such as flu, colds and bronchitis. It strengthens the immune system and makes you feel fit. Burning a bay leaf during the flu helps to get rid of the disease in a much shorter time.

3- It is good for anxiety disorders:

Burning bay leaves at home is also good for an anxiety disorder that occurs with symptoms such as palpitations, constant panic and the desire to stay away from people. While the bay leaf burns, herbal teas that have a calming effect, such as chamomile or fennel tea, can be drunk, depending on preference.

4- Relieves Migraine Pain:

One of the biggest known benefits of bay leaf is that it relieves chronic headaches. However, people with sinusitis can also get rid of headache complaints in a short time by burning bay leaves 2 to 3 times a week.

5- It is good for sleep problems:

The smell of bay leaves relaxes the person. It helps people who have trouble falling asleep to sleep deeply.

What are the benefits of laurel wool for hair and skin?

1- Benefits of bay leaf for skin:

Bay leaves are also widely used in skin care. The mask made from the leaves is effective in eliminating acne that occurs due to both physical and psychological factors such as stress and anxiety. It cleanses the dead cells and allows the skin to breathe. It is good for irritated areas as it allows the cells to regenerate in a much shorter time.

Applying a bay leaf mask twice a week dries up inflamed pimples called pustules and papules. It prevents blackheads from appearing as it cleans bacteria along with dead cells.

2- The benefits of bay leaf for hair:

The hair of people who wash their hair with bay leaf every 2 days grows much faster. Bay leaf, which is used by both men and women, also offers a solution to the problem of dandruff as it nourishes the scalp.

After applying to hair, it is enough to wait about 15-20 minutes. The hair can then be rinsed with conditioner and conditioning oil.

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