How to do brown eye makeup?

We have prepared a detailed content about brown eye makeup. How do you make brown eye makeup? We’ve also gathered the products needed for brown eye makeup.

Makeup trend for brown eyes

Brown makeup is not preferred by every woman. But with the brown lipstick trend this season, make-up in shades of brown is coming to the fore. Brown tones are softer than black. While black eye makeup creates sharper eyes, brown eye makeup reveals light but effective eyes. Brown eye make-up creates a sophisticated effect. to your eye color|Just choose the right tones and apply them on the eyelids.

For dark eyes, choose shades of coffee with milk. If you have a lighter eye color, you can mix and apply a few brown shades. With brown eye makeup, you should pay attention to the skin color. Your skin makeup should be in nude tones. Your blush selection should be in shades of bronze. Nude skin, bronze blush and brown eyes create a beautiful effect. If you wish, in this make-up you can make your lips protrude and apply lipstick in burgundy shades. If you want your eyes to come to the fore, then a nude lip make-up is certainly sufficient.

Makeup tips for brown eyes

Brown eye makeup

Brown eyes are naturally attractive and sparkling. However, with the right makeup techniques, they can pop even more. Here are makeup hacks that will make your brown eyes pop:

brighten your eyes

To make your eyes look brighter and more vibrant, apply a light highlighter to your eyelids. You can also make your eyes look more open and bigger by brightening up your under eye.

eyeshadow colors

Eyeshadow colors that go well with brown eyes include shades of bronze, gold, brown, copper, and orange. These colors bring out the natural color of your eyes and make them look more radiant.


You can get a more natural look by using brown eyeliner instead of black. You can make your eyes bigger and more attractive by applying the eyeliner on your upper lash line.


It is important to use mascara to make your eyes look more voluminous and longer. By choosing a mascara that matches the natural color of your eyes, you can achieve natural-looking lashes.


Correctly adjusting the shape and size of your eyebrows can make your eyes stand out more. By combing your eyebrows well, you can make them fuller with eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow.

Balance your eye makeup

It is important to have a balanced ratio of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara to ensure the integrity of your eye makeup. Try to get a natural look without going overboard.

How to do brown eye makeup?

Brown eye makeup

If you have brown eyes, you can use brown eye makeup to get a natural look. Natural brown eye makeup is a preferred option for everyday life as well as special events. Here are the steps for natural brown eye makeup:

1. Apply the base to the eyelids

Apply a base to the eyelids for the durability of your makeup. This will make your eyeshadow adhere better and look more vibrant.

2. Apply the light colored eye shadow

Apply a light-colored eyeshadow to the inside of the eyelid. This makes your eyes look more open and alive.

3. Apply the medium shaded eyeshadow to the eyelid.

Apply a medium shade of eyeshadow to the center of the eyelid. While applying the eyeshadow to the eyelids, lift the eyelid by slightly pulling the brush upwards. This makes your eyes look bigger.

4. Apply dark eye shadow

Apply a dark shade of eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye. While applying the shadow on the outer part of the eyelid, gently pull the brush outward to make the eyes look bigger.

5. Use eyeliner

Eyeliner makes your eyes more prominent. Apply the eyeliner to the inside of your upper lashes and gently line the inside of your eyelid to make your eyes appear more open.

6. Apply mascara

Mascara makes your lashes more defined. Applying a few coats of mascara to your top and bottom lashes can make your eyes look bigger and more prominent.

7. Brighten up the eyelids

Brightening your eyelids will make your eyes more vibrant. Apply the illuminator to the inner corner of your eyelids, below the brow bone and under the eye socket.

The biggest mistakes in brown eye makeup

Brown eye makeup

While doing brown eye makeup, it can be unavoidable to make some mistakes. However, being aware of these mistakes and knowing how to avoid them can help you look more natural and attractive. Here are the most common brown eye makeup mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • Using too much eyeshadow can make your eyes look overdone and artificial.
  • You get a natural look by using your eyeshadow little by little and applying it layer by layer.
  • While black eyeliner makes your eyes stand out more, if used too much it can create a hard and heavy look.
  • If you have brown eyes, choose a brown or bronze eyeliner instead of black.
  • Choosing the wrong mascara can make your lashes clump and look heavy.
  • Using the illuminator in the wrong place or too much will make your eyes look swollen or tired.
  • Smearing too much eye makeup can make your eyes look messy and messy.
  • Make your eyes look brighter and more defined by carefully applying eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Required products for brown eye makeup

Brown eye makeup

When applying brown eye makeup, it is very important to use the right products. Quality products will make your makeup look more natural and smooth. Here are the best brown eye makeup products:

Eye shadow: Eye shadow is the main ingredient of brown eye makeup. A good eyeshadow is easy to apply and lasts a long time. If you have brown eyes, you can choose eyeshadow in natural shades such as bronze, brown and gold. A good eyeshadow spreads and glides easily on the eyelid, and it has a high pigmentation.

eyeliner: Eyeliner makes your brown eyes more prominent. Black eyeliners can sometimes look harsh, so opting for a brown eyeliner will give you a more natural look. Cream or gel eye pencils are easier to apply and more durable.

Mascara: Mascara makes your lashes look longer and fuller, making your eyes bigger and more defined. You can choose a black or brown tinted mascara. You can choose mascaras that separate the lashes and add volume and length.

Clarifying: The illuminator is applied under the eye socket, under the brow bone and on the eyelid, making your eyes look younger and fresher. To accentuate your brown eyes, you can choose a product in brightening colors.

Eyes some: Eye base increases the durability of your eyeshadow and prevents your eyeshadow from spoiling. It also makes your eyelid look smoother and more even. When applying brown eye makeup, it is important to use an eye primer.

What are the best colors for brown eyes?

Brown eyes are versatile enough to adapt to any color of makeup. However, bronze, gold, brown, green and purple shades are particularly suitable for brown eyes.

What brushes should I use for brown eye makeup?

Different types of brushes can be used for brown eye makeup, such as a pencil brush, shadow brush, and blending brush. Different brushes can be used for different purposes and each can be more effective for a certain part of the makeup.

How can I make my brown eyes look bigger?

To make brown eyes look bigger, you can use techniques such as curling eyelashes, using white or nude eyeliner, and lighting with light eyeshadows.

How to choose an eyeliner suitable for your brown eyes?

For brown eyes, it is always a good option to use pencil or gel eyeliner in black or brown shades. These colors make your eyes stand out more and provide a natural look. However, eyeliners in shades of blue, green, or purple are also great options for highlighting brown eyes.

In what situations is natural brown eye makeup preferable?

Natural brown eye makeup is a great option for everyday life or for those who want a simpler look. Especially in situations such as job interviews or official events, a natural brown eye make-up is a very professional and appropriate option.

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