How to get a custom plate? What are the conditions?

Private plates are special numbers that give vehicle owners a personal or business expression. There are certain processes and conditions for buying private license plates in Turkey. In this content we will discuss topics such as how to get a special board, what are the stages, where to get it, what are the conditions for issuance, how are taxes and prices determined. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

What is a custom plate?

Custom license plates are usually designed to suit vehicle owners’ preferences, interests, or personal meanings. Unlike standard license plates, special license plates provide unique identification and personalize your vehicle.

Stages of obtaining special plates

  • Inquire about the license plate status with the police or the relevant website. In this step you need to find out whether the requested license plate already belongs to someone else.
  • As a result of the investigation, you must pay the fee determined by the relevant units and receive a receipt. The fee may vary depending on the nature of the plate requested, the amount of demand and compliance with standards.
  • If you have an existing number plate, you must present the old number plate with a receipt to the civil-law notary. Together with the documents received after the notarial procedures, the next address to which the plate will be given is the Chamber of Drivers and Automotive Professionals. When changing license plates, you must remove the old license plate and take it to the civil-law notary.
  • In the final stage, after you have registered with the Chamber of Artisans and Automotive Professionals, your special license plate will be delivered to you in approximately 1 hour. When obtaining a private license plate, individuals are asked for proof of identity and companies for an activity certificate and signature circular from the last 6 months.

How to get a custom plate?

Where can I buy a custom plate?

The only address for obtaining special license plates is the police. However, this only applies if the owner of the license plate is not present. If the private board is not claimed, you can get a private board by submitting an application to the police. The procurement process can be carried out at the police station in your county or through the relevant website. It is also possible to find out via online platforms whether or not the license plate you have requested is owned.

What are the conditions for deleting custom license plates?

How to get a custom plate?

To have a special plate, you must meet certain conditions. Here are the basic requirements for custom license plate stickers:

1. Residency Requirement

You must have the same city code as the city where you want a special license plate. For example, if you live in Istanbul, you can request a special license plate with the license plate code 34. However, if it is issued on behalf of the company, this condition does not apply.

2. Tax Payment

You must pay a special tax for a special license plate. The amount of the tax is determined depending on the characteristics of the requested plate, the amount of the demand and compliance with the standards. In general, this tax amount can vary between 2,000 TL and 20,000 TL.

What is custom license plate tax?

How to get a custom plate?

Since special plates differ from the standards, the tax amount applied for standard plates does not apply to special plates. Private license plate holders pay the special license plate tax twice a year, which is determined according to their income. The tax amount is calculated based on the licensee’s income and there is no set fee. In general, special license plate taxes can vary between 2,000 TL and 20,000 TL.

How are special plate prices determined?

How to get a custom plate?

Special sheet prices vary depending on supply and demand in the market. If the requested registration number is in possession, the price is determined entirely by the holder of the registration number. For this reason, special plate prices can be in a fairly wide range. For example, it turned out that the pictures with the abbreviations of some football teams in our country were transferred at very high prices.

If the plate is empty, the special license plate rate set by the police will apply. This fee is determined depending on factors such as the characteristics of the plate requested, the amount of demand and compliance with standards.

How can I get a custom board?

You must request a special license plate from the police.

What documents do I need to get a custom license plate?

Documents such as proof of identity, activity certificate obtained in the past 6 months and signature circular can be requested.

How much does it cost to get a custom license plate?

Prices for special license plates vary depending on the vehicle owner’s request and the features of the license plate.

Do I have to pay taxes for a custom plate?

Yes, private license plate holders pay special license plate tax twice a year.

How long does the custom license plate purchase process take?

The custom license plate acquisition process is usually completed within a few hours of submitting the application.

Do I have to hand in my old license plate?

If you have an existing registration number, you must hand in the old registration number to the civil-law notary.

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