How to get rid of bags and bruises under the eyes? Can it be prevented?

One of the most noticeable areas when looking at the face is the area under the eyes. Bruising and bags under the eyes can occur due to genetic or environmental factors. This appearance of bruises and puffiness can cause discomfort to people.

Trying to cover the appearance of bruises and puffiness, especially in adulthood, with make-up or other cosmetic methods, can cause this problem to progress.

Bruising and bags under the eyes, which are common in the 30s and later, may also be seen. Genetics and aging are the biggest causes of dark circles. If we examine these reasons more closely;
Genetic Factors: Dark circles that appear in early childhood may have a genetic trait. It progresses or disappears with age.

Aging: As we age, the skin structure begins to thin. Bruises and eye circles are more common on thinner skin. In addition, bags under the eyes can develop due to the loss of fat and collagen.

Allergic reactions: Another condition that affects dark circles is allergic reactions and dry eyes. The histamine released when an allergic reaction occurs can cause redness and swelling of the eyes. After these symptoms, there may be sensitivity around the eyes and bruising.

Thyroid Disease: A predisposition to thyroid disease can also lead to dark circles.

overload: Overtired or interrupted sleep patterns can lead to dark circles. When the skin is disturbed, it can become sensitive and cause bruising under the eyes.

Sun exposure: Sun exposure causes the body to produce melanin, which provides the pigment that gives skin its color. Excessive sunlight can cause darkening of the pigmentation around the eyes and a purple appearance.

A common solution for bags and bruises under the eyes: light padding

The most effective method for dark circles under the eyes is light injection. Light injection is a process that is completed in a short time. It is a very effective method and can last for about 1-2 years.

Anyone over the age of 18 who has bruises under the eyes may also have light padding under the eyes. You can benefit more effectively from this filling process during adulthood or during the transition to old age.

The processing time is approximately 35 minutes. This procedure can be performed in a short time and only under local anesthesia. Depending on the person and the size of the problem under the eyes, one or more treatments may be necessary. Under-eye light filling is a very effective and permanent method. No side effects or dangers have been observed in people using this method. Therefore it is a safe treatment. The only side effect that occurs is redness, which is very mild and disappears in a short time.

Under-eye light filler, which contains more hyaluronic acid, is an injected filler in gel form. Thanks to this filling, you can get rid of all problems such as bruises and puffiness, as well as brighten the area of ​​​​application.

Pay attention to this after application!

There are many issues that need attention after the application. Durability of the procedure can vary depending on the attention paid to the issues to be considered, as well as the individual’s lifestyle and age. However, it is an aesthetic filling process that usually shows its effect for a long time. Cosmetics should not be used around the eyes for a while after this procedure. The doctor’s instructions must be strictly followed. For this reason, you should always avoid using unnatural chemical products in your life and stay away from stress for a while.

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