How to lower fever? What are the methods for reducing house fever?

How to lower fever?

When faced with a high fever, parents may panic and use some methods of fever reduction. These methods can sometimes increase the fever instead of reducing it. A body temperature of 38 degrees or higher is defined as a high fever. With a high fever, febrile seizures occur. This condition is most common in children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. The body temperature at which febrile seizures are seen usually reaches 39-40 degrees.

In such cases, bruising and loss of consciousness in the child may occur. In this case, you should prevent the child from falling to the floor without panicking, and lay him on his back with the head turned towards you and the air ducts open. A person with a fever has malaria and may want to hide. You should not cover the person with a fever and should take a warm shower. A hot shower causes the body temperature to drop suddenly.

What are the methods for reducing house fever?

There are many different ways to reduce a fever at home. In order to reduce a fever, it is necessary to determine a method that is appropriate for the age of the person who has a fever. The most dangerous age group for high fever are infants and children. Methods that can be used to reduce fever in babies and children at home;

● Babies are usually dressed in layers so they don’t get sick, and care is taken to keep the room they are in warm. In case of high fever, it is necessary to remove the excess clothes from the baby. The temperature of the room where the baby is located is reduced to 20 degrees.

● Breast milk is very important at this stage. If your baby is suckling, you should continue to breastfeed while he has a fever. If your child is not sucking, make sure you provide enough fluids. Because fluid loss occurs with a high fever, it is necessary to take in plenty of fluids.

● If you have an antipyretic or suppository at home, you can give it to your baby in the required dose according to the method of use.

● You can take a nice shower with your baby by preparing warm water. In this way, your baby’s body temperature suddenly begins to drop.

● You should not put substances such as wet cloths or vinegar water on your children’s foreheads and you should not give your child antibiotics unless recommended by your doctor.

How to lower high fever in adults?

It is necessary to be more careful when reducing high fever in infants and children. But it is easier to reduce high fever in adults. You must remember that one of the most effective and fastest methods of reducing fever is to shower with warm water. If you are cold and have malaria when you are hot, do not cover yourself, but lower the room temperature and take a warm shower. You can apply the following methods to reduce fever in adults;

● Shower with warm water,

● Drink plenty of water,

● Drinking antipyretic medication,

● Keep your nose open for easy breathing.

● Apply the complex to the armpits with a cold washcloth.

● Lower the room temperature.

● Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing and remove excess clothing.

● Take a lot of rest.

● Avoid coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.

Foods That Help Relieve Fever

Some foods and drinks also help reduce fever. Foods That Help Lower Body Temperature

● Dried fruit

●Purple and dark red food

● Green tea

● Strawberry, raspberry and mandarin

● Green Food

● Turmeric and ginger

● Artichoke, Walnut, Hot Pepper Powder

● Cherry, Cabbage, Applesauce

● Cranberries, thyme, beets

● Drinking a lot of water ensures that your body temperature is in balance in a short time.

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