How to make a bow hairstyle? Detailed bow hair description

Bow fashion is everywhere. The arc style is used after the stages and showcases all over the world. The bow hairstyle, which can be done without the need for any accessories, is highly preferred due to this feature. In our article, we have put together what you need to know about the bow hairstyle, which gives a beautiful look and is very easy to make. Here is the bow hairstyle and its construction.

What is Bow Hair?

Bow hair is a hairstyle that has become popular in recent years and is often preferred for special occasions. It gets its name from a large and fluffy bow made at the top of the hair.

Usually applied to medium length hair, this hairstyle creates a voluminous look that focuses on the top of the hair. The front part of the hair is neatly parted and the rest of the hair is gathered and tied in a bow. The size and shape of the arch can vary according to your preference.

One of the biggest advantages of bow hair is that it is easy and quick to apply. It can also be used in many different styles, in both simple and more ornate versions. Bow hairstyles designed in harmony with evening dresses are also very popular for special occasions.

One of the drawbacks of bow hair is that the volume at the top of the hair can create an unpleasant look for some face shapes and be uncomfortable for some women.

Bow Hair Making

Bow haircut

Bow hair is one of the favorite hairstyles of women. Bow hair, which can be made in a variety of styles, is a suitable option for both everyday wear and special occasions. Making bow hair is very easy and can be done in just a few steps.

First step

Straighten your hair or style it with tongs. Bow hair can be made in straight or wavy shapes, but also suitable for curly hair. If you let your hair style, the shape and look of the bow will become more prominent.

Second step

Bow hair is usually done in a high ponytail, but it can also be done in a low bun or a side-swept horizontal ponytail. When collecting your hair, slowly gather your hair from the top of your head and secure it with a rubber band.

Third step

The rubber band you gather your hair with is one of the materials you will use to make a bow. Wrap a thin strand of hair around the band and thread it around the elastic band so that the two ends meet in the middle to form a bow.

Step four

You can use bobby pins or bobby pins to fix your bow hair. Place the barrettes under the bow and you can use it as many times as needed to maintain the shape of your hair.

Fifth step

You can use hairspray to fix your bow hair. A light spray is enough to keep your hair looking natural and not spoil the shape of your bow.

Bow hair care

Bow haircut

Bow hair has become very popular lately and is preferred by women of all ages. This cute hairstyle helps women feel young and energetic by creating a boyish look. However, there may be some issues in maintaining and styling this hairstyle.

1. Wash your hair often

To keep your bow hair clean and healthy, shampoo your hair at least twice a week. This removes dirt and oil from your hair and leaves your hair looking brighter and more vibrant.

2. Use Conditioner

Conditioner makes your hair softer and easier to style. Before styling your bow hair, you can apply conditioner to make it easier to style your hair.

3. Brush your hair

Brushing your bow hair will make your hair look neater and smoother. It is recommended to brush your hair every day to avoid frizz.

4. Moisturize your hair

Keeping your bow hair moist will make your hair look healthier. While styling your hair, you can keep your hair moist by using a moisturizing hair spray.

5. Cut your hair often

To keep your bow hair looking neat and tidy, cut your hair regularly. This prevents your hair ends from splitting and splitting and makes your hair look fuller and healthier.

Bow hairstyles

Bow haircut

Bow hair has become very popular in the fashion world lately. The biggest advantage of this stylish hairstyle is that it is quite easy to make and suitable for any hair type and length. Bow hairstyles also go perfectly with any outfit and suit women of any age group.

1. Classic Bow Hairstyle

The classic bow hairstyle is the simplest yet the most popular. Gather your hair back and tie it in a bow. This hairstyle looks great with any outfit and can be used comfortably especially in business or everyday life.

2. Side Bow Hairstyle

The side bow haircut is a style where you have gathered hair in a bow on one side. This style is especially great for straight and fine hair and can suit any face shape.

3. Braided Bow Hairstyle

The braided bow hairstyle is a hairstyle where you braid your hair and tie it into a bow. This style is especially great on long hair and can be used in everyday life or for special events.

4. Bun Bow Hairstyle

The bun hairstyle is a style where you gather your hair in a bun and decorate it with a bow. This style is a classy hairstyle that can be specially used for special events or weddings.

5. Herringbone Braided Bow Hairstyle

The herringbone braided bow hairstyle is a hairstyle where you braid your hair using the herringbone braiding technique and tie it into a bow. This hairstyle is especially great on short hair and is the perfect hairstyle for a special event or wedding.

What is Bow Hair?

Bow hair is a hairstyle created by gathering the hair mainly in the upper part of the head and giving it a bow shape.

How to make bow hair?

To make bow hair, gather your hair at the top and make a bow. The size of your bow can be large or small depending on your preference. You can use bobby pins, hair spray or hair gel to secure your bow.

Who does bow hair suit?

Bow hair can be suitable for any age or gender. However, it can be done more easily for people with long hair. Also, there are no restrictions on face shape or hair type.

Are there different types of bow hair?

Yes, there are different types of bow hair. You can make a single big bow, or you can make two or more small bows. You can also make the hair that hangs from the sides of the bow hair straight or wavy.

How long is the bow hair permanent?

The durability of the bow hair depends on the fixing product used. If you use hair spray or hair gel, the bow can stay on your hair for several hours. However, you can increase the durability of your bow hair by using bobby pins or hair accessories.

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