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The trends in the beauty world change every year, but some classic styles always remain popular. Although the Egyptian braid hair is a hairstyle that dates back to ancient Egypt, it is still often preferred today. With its healthy hair structure and stylish look, this braid has become the favorite hairstyle of many women. In this article, we will share the corn braid hairstyle with you.

What is corn braid hair?

Corn braid hair is defined as a hairstyle created by braiding the hair into small braids. These braids are neatly braided and tied tightly. That is why Egyptian braid hair is often the favorite hairstyle for African American hair.

Corn braid is a convenient method of making hair, preserving and maintaining the natural structure of the hair at the same time. This hairstyle keeps hair healthy by reducing the risk of breakage, wear and fall out with continued use.

There are different types of corn braid hair and it usually depends on the length and thickness of the hair and the preferences of the person. Some Egyptian braid styles are knitted finer and tighter, while others may be thicker and looser. It depends on the person’s hair type and what kind of look they want.

Making corn braid hair is a process that can take some time and it is important to use the right techniques. However, there are many different videos and written resources on how to do this hairstyle, and they provide step-by-step instructions for you to braid your hair yourself.

The popularity of corn braids is due to the fact that it is both comfortable and stylish. In addition, the fact that the hair is easy to care for and long lasting is one of the factors that increase the interest in this hairstyle.

How To Make Corn Braiding Hair?

Corn braid hair

Making corn braid hair is a process that requires some patience and attention. However, with the right materials and techniques, this hairstyle can be done easily. Here are step-by-step instructions for making Egyptian braid hair:

1. Prepare the hair

Wash and dry your hair thoroughly before making corn braids. This will keep the hair clean and dry and help the braids hold more easily. Also moisten your hair with a conditioner or oil that is suitable for your hair.

2. Split hair

Newst by sectioning your hair into equal measures. This ensures that each braid is the same size. You can use a comb to split the hair.

3. Knit

To make a braid, divide your hair into three sections and braid the sections over each other. Knit the outer parts in every row. This braiding technique helps you to create a tight and neat Egyptian braiding hair. Tie each braid tightly and continue the process.

4. Tie the ends of the hair

Complete each braid by braiding it to the ends of the hair. Hold the braid securely by tying the ends of the hair with a small rubber band or lock of hair. You can also use hair care products or natural oils to hold the ends.

5. Complete haircut

Making corn braids can take a few hours or even a few days, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. However, once you’re done with the braids, you have several options for styling your hair. You can leave the braids free for a natural look, or you can gather the braids into a bun for a more elegant look.

Different models of corn braid hair

Corn braid hair

Egyptian braid hair is known as a versatile hairstyle that can be done in a variety of styles and styles. Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, short hair or long hair, Egyptian braids are a suitable option for everyone.

1. Classic corn braid hair

Classic Egyptian braid hair is the most basic and popular Egyptian braid hairstyle made using a three-part braiding technique. You continue by dividing your hair into equal measures and braiding each section over the other. The end result is a tight and regular weave.

2. Straight corn braid hair

Straight Egyptian braid hair is a hairstyle option that can be preferred if the hair has a straight and thin texture. This style is done with thinner and tighter braids depending on the length of the hair.

3. Thick corn braid hair

Thick Egyptian braid hair is a hairstyle option that can be preferred if the hair has a thick and voluminous texture. This style is done with thicker and looser braids depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

4. Inverted corn braid hair

Reverse Egyptian braiding hair is done in the reverse order of traditional Egyptian braiding hair, resulting in the braids sticking out of the hair. This style is an ideal option for those who want to achieve a more modern and different look.

5. Colorful corn braid hair

Colored Egyptian braid hair is a hairstyle option made by dyeing the hair in different colors. This style is an ideal option for those who want to give their hair a different color. When using hair dye, care should be taken to maintain the structure and health of your hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of corn braid hair

Corn braid hair

Corn braid hair is known as a hairstyle that has become more and more popular in recent years and is preferred by many women. However, like any hairstyle, Egyptian braid hair has its pros and cons.


  • Easy maintenance: Corn braid hair is known as a hairstyle that is easy to maintain if groomed regularly. Braids can protect hair, prevent hair loss and help hair grow regularly.
  • Long-lasting: Corn braid hair is known as a hairstyle that helps the hair maintain its shape over a long period of time. These braids can prevent the hair from fraying and help the hair grow in a healthy way.
  • Multidirectional: Egyptian braid hair offers many different styles and styling options. You can braid your hair in different ways, add different colors to your hair and personalize it even more by using different accessories.


  • Pain and Discomfort: Making corn braid hair can take a long time and because the braids are tight, it can cause pain and discomfort, especially during the first few days. Therefore, be careful while doing this style and the health of your hair should be taken into consideration.
  • hair loss: Corn braid hair can cause hair loss due to the tight braiding of the hair. Therefore, be careful when braiding and removing the hair.
  • Wear: Corn braid hair can cause hair damage. Because the hair is tightly braided, the hair can fray and break. Therefore, when you want to braid your hair, you should be careful about the structure and health of your hair.

Corn braid hair care

Corn braid hair

Apart from being a hairstyle preferred by many women, corn braid hair is suitable for long-term use if it is regularly groomed. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the Egyptian braid hair.

1. Cleanse the scalp

One of the most important steps in corn braid hair care is scalp cleansing. Many natural products can be used to cleanse the scalp. You can use natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil, especially to remove the dirt and oil that has accumulated on the scalp. In addition, tea tree oil is an effective natural option for cleansing the scalp.

2. Moisturizing hair

Corn braid is important to keep the hair moist, keep the hair healthy and prevent fall out. Therefore, to keep the hair moist, you can use a moisturizing spray on the hair. You can also keep the hair moist by adding oil to the hair daily.

3. Protection of hair ends

Corn braids can cause the ends of the hair to fray more. Therefore, to protect the ends of the hair, you can apply hair oil or conditioner to the ends. This will help the ends of the hair to fray and break less.

4. Wash hair

It is very important to wash the hair during corn braid hair care. You can shampoo your hair several times a week. However, be careful not to be harsh when washing the hair. Washing hair too hard can cause hair breakage and wear.

5. Dry the hair

Drying the hair is also important during corn braid hair care. Be careful not to be too rough when towel-drying hair. Instead of drying the hair with a towel, you can gently dry it with a hair dryer.

What is corn braid hair?

Corn braid hair is a type of braid where the hair is braided from the roots. Dense braids knitted into a strand of hair can be combined with a regular braid or other types of braids. Corn braid hair is widely used in African-American culture and can help hair maintain its natural shape.

How long does corn braid hair last?

Corn braid hair can vary depending on the length and thickness of the hair, but it usually takes between 6 and 8 weeks. However, this period may vary depending on the hair care and hair material used for braiding.

Is corn braid hair harmful?

Corn braid hair is not considered harmful as long as it is done correctly and well cared for. However, if the braid is tight or done incorrectly, it can damage the hair and cause hair loss or dandruff. It is also important to wash and moisturize the braided hair regularly.

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