How to photograph a location? Required equipment

Besides being a form of artistic expression, photography is one of the most effective ways to capture the world people live in and the beauty of nature.

Location photography is an important area of ​​photography and is often used in areas such as architectural, interior and landscape photography. Location shooting allows you to capture stunning photos that capture the atmosphere, character, and features of a place.

What is location shooting in photography?

In the visualized world, product and space photography is an indispensable need for institutions operating in the commercial field to create themselves. Before eating a meal, people look at the shape of the food on the menu, if the picture is well taken or the food looks good, the person will use their preference in this direction.

Photography is also very important commercially. When you go to a restaurant, the first thing that attracts you is the visual. If the place you go to visually satisfies you, that place will always attract you. Today, most restaurants, schools, and stores have photographers and a website where they post these photos. So what is location recording like and how much is it divided into?

How to shoot outdoors?

Shooting location in photography

It’s a superior photo shot using special techniques in completely original locations, using every detail of light and nature. Outdoor photography was originally only used for fashion and magazine covers.

However, today many photos such as photography, engagement and advertising are shot in a way that we call natural shots. If you want a professional shot, the photographer’s equipment will be placed in a vehicle, everything will be professionally set up and the shoot will be carried out by the photographer.

Photo Note: .Where the lower line of the horizon is. If there were a human portrait here, the horizon would have to be up.

Another important point to consider when shooting outdoors is the proportion of the horizon line in the frame. The horizon line is at the intersection of the earth and the sky.

How do you take an indoor photo?

Shooting location in photography

The main problem with indoor shots is the lack of light. In particular, the contrast created by the natural light leaking from the window with the dark space creates difficulties for photographers. In this case, illuminating the entire area or areas where the light does not reach is the solution to solve this problem. In this situation, however, it is impossible for very large structures such as mosques and churches to illuminate homogeneously with light.

Even if the slow shutter speed method using a tripod does not solve the problem of insufficient light, it causes another problem. It ensures that the lighting used in the room is overexposed. Interior photos can include windows and doors. The floor and ceiling, which are usually not in the picture due to insufficient light, can also be used as an element of the picture.

When shooting indoors, your materials will change depending on where you shoot.

What equipment is required for location shooting?

Shooting location in photography

Shooting on location is an important area of ​​photography and requires different equipment. At the shooting location, choosing the right equipment has a major impact on the quality of your photos. This is the equipment needed for the location shoot:


A good camera is the basic requirement for taking quality photos. A DSLR or mirrorless camera is best suited for location shooting. These cameras can easily capture all or part of the room using wide-angle lenses.

Wide angle lens

Wide-angle lenses are very important when shooting indoors. Wide-angle lenses allow you to frame a larger area and emphasize the size of the room. Wide-angle lenses such as 16-35mm, 10-24mm and 11-16mm are ideal for shooting locations.


It is very important to keep your camera steady when shooting on location. The tripod increases the clarity of your photos and allows you to achieve better results in low light. You may also need to use a tripod for panoramic shots.


Using the flash for location photos can improve the quality of your photos. In situations where you have lighting issues, the flash can reduce shadows and improve the overall look of the room. External flashes in combination with a soft diffuser provide a more natural light.

Spare battery and memory card

When shooting locations, it is important to always have spare batteries and memory cards on hand. If the battery runs out completely, you may not be able to shoot in an unexpected situation. Spare memory cards also extend the limits of your footage and prevent loss in unexpected situations.

Things to keep in mind when taking pictures

Shooting location in photography

Light: Light is the soul of photography. To ensure that the product to be photographed is seen in the best, natural and pleasant way, the light must be adjusted. Let’s make sure our light is natural when shooting outdoors. We will hardly need artificial light. With the color harmony that the sky will give, our picture will be saturated with light.

Outdoors: It must be determined whether the shot will be shot in homogeneous or partial light according to the planned concept. If you’re going to shoot sighs, you need to know artificial light.

Color Temperature: The unit of measure for color temperature is Kelvin. The lighting element refers to the color of the light. As the Kelvin value increases, the color turns blue, and with the lower Kelvin value, the color begins to turn yellow.

Making eye contact: It is very important that the person feels comfortable, especially when shooting portraits. Making eye contact with the camera makes the photo look natural. Eye contact occupies an important place among the subtleties of shooting.

What does shooting on location mean?

Location photography is a photography technique used to create stunning images that reflect the atmosphere, character and features of a place. This technique is often used in areas such as architecture, interior and landscape photography.

What equipment is required for location shooting?

At shooting location, it is recommended to use a wide-angle lens, tripod, remote control, flash, reflector, filters and a suitable camera. Depending on the size and conditions of the venue, you may also need to use other lenses and filters.

What are the techniques to consider when shooting a location?

When shooting on location, it is important to pay attention to composition, lighting, perspective and details. For a good shot on location, it is necessary to choose the right angles, use the light sources in the shot, emphasize the features of the place and focus on the details.

At which locations can filming be done?

Location photography can be done at any location. Many different locations, such as architectural structures, interiors, landscapes, natural areas, and streets, can be suitable for on-location shooting. The main thing is to choose the right angles and perspective that emphasize the features of the room.

What camera settings should be used for location shooting?

For location shooting, a wide-angle lens is usually used and a small aperture is preferred. This ensures that deep space is preserved in the photo and ensures that all the features of the room are clearly visible. ISO should be kept low and long exposures can be used. However, if the exposure time is long, using a tripod is extremely important.

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