How to vote? Voting guide in 10 steps

10 steps guide to vote correctly;

In this content, we have included the topic of correct voting.

1. Check your name on the voting list

Make sure your name is on the ballot box where you will vote. Via e-government you can see in which ballot box you will vote.

2. Don’t forget your identity

Don’t forget to bring your ID. You cannot vote without identification.

3. Examine the ballots

Look carefully at the ballots that the polling officers gave you. There must be a total of 2 ballots. One is the ballot paper with the party logos for the parliamentary elections and the other is the ballot paper with the names and photos of the candidates for the presidential election.

4. Check the seal on the back of the compass

Check for a seal on the back of both ballots. Unsealed ballots are considered invalid. (These seals are applied by the ballot box officials.) The seals should be on the back of the compass, not the front.


5. Press the seal without moving the seal inside the circle

After checking the seals on the compass and envelopes, go to the hut. There is a round circle in the box below the photo of the candidate you want to vote for. Be sure to press the Yes seal without overflowing into this circle. Be careful not to accidentally check another candidate’s box. You can only print 1 stamp per compass. Place the seal once under your favorite party or presidential candidate.

6. Do not write on the ballot paper

If there is a white area on the ballot, do not write or mark anything there. In that case your vote will be declared invalid.


7. Unfold the compass

After pressing the seal, unfold the compasses. In short, when folding, make sure that you fold the opposite part of the part that you press on the seal. If you fold it inward, the seal you printed on the ballots may coincide with the other candidate and smear the ink. Your vote can therefore be declared invalid. Be careful.

8. Also check the envelope seal

Check the seal of the envelope before placing the ballot paper in the ballot box. Unsealed ballots are considered invalid.

9. Check the minute

After the voting process has ended, carefully check the voting report that you receive from the polling station employee. If there is an error, correct it immediately.

10. Pay attention to the instructions of the ballot clerks

Follow the instructions of the polling station carefully and do not leave the voting room too quickly.

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