HUAWEI P60 Pro is the most advanced mobile telephoto camera in the world – Breaking News

It’s always frustrating when parts of a photo are dark due to lack of light and misrepresent your memories. Huawei has added the Ultra Illuminated Telephoto Camera to the latest HUAWEI P60 Pro to dispel the darkness in photos. With the redesigned optical path, it now stands out as the industry’s highest light receiving smartphone camera: the Ultra Illumination Telephoto Camera has an f2.1 wide aperture that provides 178% more light with its multiple lens groups.

Most smartphone telephoto cameras that keep the slim smartphone size can mean smaller light-sensitive sensors and a smaller aperture, which can result in blurry photos due to insufficient lighting in a dark environment. The HUAWEI P60 Pro has redesigned the optical image path to form the Ultra Illumination Lens Assembly, which together with the RYYB SuperSensing sensor, revolutionizes the camera’s light reception.

Users no longer have to fiddle with different filters or add additional equipment to capture all the scenes they want in High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos, whether indoors or at night in dim lighting. They can point the camera straight away and shoot to capture the moment without losing any detail or waiting for camera settings to adjust.

Telephoto Super Macro: disappears so you don’t have to

Surprisingly, the Ultra Illumination Camera can also be used as a camera for macro photography. Designed in conjunction with an additional set of Long Action Shift Zoom Lens Assembly, it offers flexible focus distance control. This means the telephoto camera is capable of capturing clear images from long distance shots to zoomed-in macro shots.

SLR-level image stabilization: telephoto anti-shake sensor

The HUAWEI P60 Series also offers the industry’s first Telephoto Anti-Shake Sensor Rotation, which uses counter-dynamic movement of the sensor instead of dynamic movement of the lens.

In the HUAWEI P60 Series, the optical distance is shorter thanks to the anti-shake sensor, eliminating the unsightly effects caused by unstable or shaky hands. Under the same error accuracy, the optical image stabilization performance has been greatly improved. Anti-shake consistency increases by 58% from the center to the four corners of the photo.

Super Moon View: Re-imagine the night sky

The new Super Moon Scene offers users a new creative tool to photograph the moon in a whole new light. Gone are the days of over-zoomed blurry moon photos – Super Moon Shot uses artificial intelligence to enhance the details of the moon to produce better and clearer photos of the night sky. With its advanced focus mode and HDR effects, the smartphone camera can capture an accurate and richly detailed image of the moon from your location.

Users who enjoy night photography can try this feature and place the bear next to natural landscapes, such as dramatic city skylines or forest silhouettes. Nature and landscape enthusiasts can now use their smartphone cameras for night photography without shying away from the poor quality night photos they had in the past.

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